Don’t Get Left Behind

The race is on to produce the fully autonomous vehicle with a collision avoidance system. But would your shop know how to repair it? Every industry needs to prepare for its next generation of employees, which, ideally, continually flows in. The collision repair industry currently faces an aging population in several ways. Not only are […]

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For Good Measure

What collision repairers need to know about today’s vehicle frames and the new machines that meet OEMs’ exacting specifications. The more advanced our vehicles become, the more exact each system within them needs to be, especially with developments made in the past 15 years. It’s not just because cars have more computers, sensors and safety […]

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In Need of Repair?

Since State Farm’s national PartsTrader program went into effect, shops and others in the industry have adapted. But it’s been a bumpy road, and changes may be just around the corner if pending legislation gains support. Since the implementation of PartsTraders’ national mandate by State Farm, reviews have been mixed. Although collision repair shops and […]

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