Woman: The Key to a High ROI

Follow these 10 proven marketing techniques to better communicate your message to female consumers. You’ve heard it before: Women are the majority purchasers and influencers in the automotive industry today. This has been true for more than a decade now, and, according to Forbes magazine, 2015 and 2016 were watershed years in female-focused marketing efforts. […]

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Things to Come

Automotive telematics is here. And experts say it will transform the way that service centers interact with and respond to their customers. How will you prepare to deal with it in your shop? Telematics is one of the most discussed topics in the auto care industry today. Over the past decade, telematics has revolutionized the […]

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The Feminine Touch

If you build it, they will not come — unless you craft a marketing plan to reach and keep women customers. So what do women want? By Jody DeVere One of the basics I’ve learned about marketing to women is that marketing, in the traditional sense, is just one step. You can create a fantastic […]

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