Chew on This

Curious tech sinks his teeth into a start-stop problem with a Prius hybrid. My check engine light came on in my Prius,” one of my customers told me. “Is it OK to drive it home?” “Is it running OK?” I asked her. “It seems to be running fine. I just need to get home. Then […]

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Fast Fix on Chevy Snow Plow

Troubleshooting transmission on ’96 Chevy truck gets complicated with circuits. Winter in the Midwest brings in some real humdinger problems for us here at CRT Electronics. The one I’m currently working on is, of course, a rush job because the forecast is for up to 10 inches of snow and freezing rain, and this is […]

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Gen 1 Prius Keeps Going, Going

Digging a little deeper into the classic Prius It’s no secret that the Genera­tion 1 Prius is my pick for favorite commuter vehicle. When these cars are properly serviced and running like they should, you just can’t beat them for transportation. They were designed to be the best hybrid vehicle on the market, and there […]

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