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Welcome to the latest addition to AutoInc.! Beginning with our January/February 2016 digital edition, we will be providing exclusive digital content. The Member Profile department in AutoInc. is a popular article as it shares the road-to-success stories of independent shops. In addition to the article in the magazine, we will be providing an exclusive interview with the shop owner. We want you to see this newest digital offering as part of your continuing education. These interviews have best practices, business strategies and other tips from successful business owners to help you manage your business more successfully.

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Jerry Vazquez

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Jerry VazquezThis current edition of AutoInc. Audio features a shop owner who has the answers to making a business successful: hard work, training and a passion for working on cars. As a 13-year member of ASA, Gerardo “Jerry” Vazquez, owner of B&B Auto Repair in Schaumberg, Ill., tells listeners how he learned the value of facing challenges head-on to build a business that would support his family. Jerry also talks about the challenges the industry faces and how ASA provides the problem-solving technical and peer input he needs to know how to invest efficiently in the future.View and Share

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Debbie and Gerry Vicario

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Debbie and Gerry VicarioDebbie and Gerry Vicario know a thing or two about “turning the thing around.” The co-owners of One Stop Auto Care Inc. in Los Angeles once considered shutting down the business. Then, they started working on it instead of in it. How did they make it work? Find out in the latest edition of AutoInc. Audio, the ASA podcast that features members offering their experiences at making shops run profitably and efficiently. In their chat with Carm Capriotto of Remarkable Results Radio, Debbie and Gerry reveal how they’ve created a fun, comfortable shop culture, how they approach hiring techs that fit in, how treating others like they want to be treated helps retain customers and employees and how belonging to ASA contributes to their success. It’s another enlightening conversation from AutoInc. Audio!View and Share

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Darrin Barney

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Darrin BarneyLearn the value of making every customer a “good friend” in this installment of AutoInc. Audio, based on the Member Profile in the January-February issue. Darrin Barney, co-owner Barney Brothers Off Road and Repair in Grand Junction, Colo., explains how you can do it, as well as offers tips for dealing with family in a family business; what he’s learned about introducing his kids to the business (“If you don’t teach your children, the world will”); the advantages of showing, instead of telling, your customers about their vehicles; and how you can succeed in this knowledge-based world. Don’t miss it!View and Share

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Bryan Welch

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Bryan WelchJoin Bryan Welsh, owner of ASA member-shop Artistic Collision in Cordova, Calif., and Carm Capriotto, of Remarkable Results Radio, for a wide-ranging edition of AutoInc. Audio. Bryan discusses some of the major issues facing the collision repair industry, including the need for training to keep up with technological advances, competition from the MSOs, relationships with appraisers and insurance companies and the bottom-line necessity of satisfying the customer.View and Share

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Janel and Todd Black

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Janel and Todd BlackSharing responsibilities comes naturally to husband-and-wife shop owners Janel and Todd Black. The Blacks own and operate Unlimited Service, a two-shop auto repair business in Bellingham, Wash. In this interview with Carm Capriotto for AutoInc. Audio, you’ll learn why they belong to the Automotive Service Association (ASA), why they’ve chosen to serve the ASA-Northwest affiliate in many capacities and how they’ve taken advantage of ASA’s wealth of opportunities for education and training to branch out into servicing hybrid vehicles.View and Share

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Fred Hules II

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Fred Hules IIWhat does it take to work on your business instead of in your business? Fred Hules, newly elected general director of ASA and owner of Tech 1 Auto in Peoria, Ariz., follows up his Member Profile interview in the July-August issue of AutoInc. magazine with an eye-opening chat with Carm Capriotto on the latest edition of AutoInc. Audio. Fred tells how he was “set to become an aeronautical engineer” but chose the automotive industry because he liked working with his hands on cars, and he also offers what he’s learned about the never-ending process of managing his business. Good ideas for everyone in Fred’s insightful comments!View and Share

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Jim Maddox

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Jim Maddox“If I don’t learn something today,” says Jim Maddox, “then it’s going to be a bad day.” Maddox, owner of Jim’s Automotive in Albuquerque, N.M., talks about the value of continuous training with Carm Capriotto for this edition of AutoInc. Audio. Based on Maddox’s Member Profile article in the May-June issue of AutoInc. magazine, the interview also features Jim’s take on the inevitable rise of electric cars, the value of treating customers, particularly women customers, fairly; why word-of-mouth marketing still works best for his shop; and why he’s been an ASA-member since 1986.View and Share

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Ryan Cropper

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Ryan CropperRyan Cropper cares a lot about the culture in his business and takes an unusual approach to its formal management structure. There is no formal management structure. At the three Able Body Shops that Cropper owns in Anchorage, Alaska, he takes a team approach that’s built on putting people in the right jobs and trusting them to do things the right way. Hear Cropper talk about how he backed into fixing cars, why he’s sold on his management philosophy and the challenges he faces running his shops in the far, far Northwest.View and Share

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Mark Simons

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Mark SimonsMark Simons is one lucky guy. The owner of Rolf’s Import Auto Service, Simons enjoys his hometown of Lakewood, Wash., and describes his profession as “something that I really love to do.” That enthusiasm comes across as Simons, who's featured in the Member Profile section of AutoInc.'s November-December issue, offers his insights during his chat with our man behind the mic, Carm Capriotto, owner of Remarkable Results Radio and the host of our popular podcast series AutoInc. Audio.View and Share

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Greg Buckley

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Greg BuckleyGreg Buckley knows what it takes to succeed. Greg, the second-generation owner of Buckley’s Auto Care, an ASA-member shop in Wilmington, Del., is celebrating his shop’s 50th anniversary this year. The skills and principles he learned about customer relationships working in his founder father’s shop (pumping gas) became the basis for his family business and his life. Listen now as Greg talks about the traits that make for a smart business owner and the knowledge he acquires from taking advantage of one of ASA’s most important benefits: the opportunities to network with his peers.View and Share

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Dick Zaagman

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Dick ZaagmanMeet Dick Zaagman! Dick owns Community Automotive in Grand Rapids, Mich. With the help of lots of folks in his Christian Community, he’s developed a love of repairing European models and serving a greater good by giving back to the neighborhood in which he lives and works. Dick talks about the changes in the industry and the benefits he derives from being an ASA member, particularly the opportunity to network with others and get out of his shop for the education and training necessary to compete in today’s high-tech world.View and Share

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Mark Sanders

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Mark SandersMark Sanders grew up in the collision repair business. Now he operates the largest such company in the nation. As president and chief operating officer of Caliber Collision, Sanders operates 388 collision repair centers under the banner "Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life." He shares how he infuses that slogan into every aspect of his company's culture. Listen and learn!View and Share

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Jim Sinclair

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Jim SinclairJames F. "Jim" Sinclair thinks of himself as an "old school" shop owner. But that's only in the sense of the consistent honesty and value he provides his customers at Sinclair's Auto Clinic in Chicago. Actually, Sinclair realizes that the industry has changed, and he's changing with it. When something new comes along, Sinclair puts in extra hours to keep his shop up-to-date so that he can offer the highest quality of service. Sinclair has plenty to offer about how to stay current and reach out to younger consumers on social media in our ongoing series of exclusive interviews designed to share the knowledge of successful shop owners like Jim Sinclair. Listen and learn!View and Share

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Amy Mattinat

Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Amy MattinatOne of the industry’s most outstanding leaders, Amy Mattinat, has more irons in the fire than a cowboy at branding time. She owns an ASA shop in Montpelier, Vt., serves on the Car Care Council’s Women’s Board, is a member of Ask Patty’s expert advisory panel and speaker’s bureau and is active in SEMA’s Business Women’s Network, the Automotive Service Association, Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation, Women Business Owners Networking and Rotary International. In addition, she shares her extensive knowledge of the automotive world with larger audiences through her monthly car-care newsletter and blog. She’s an author, too, of “How to Buy A Great Used Car.” And if that weren’t enough, Mattinat also runs a second business, BullsEye Marketing, teaches classes in marketing to small businesses and does private consulting for the Vermont Small Business Development Center. Not surprisingly, Amy Mattinat has some valuable insight on the current state of the automotive industry and how shop owners can make their businesses more successful. She shares that knowledge in this exclusive interview for the first in a series of AutoInc. interviews titled AutoInc. Audio. Listen and learn!View and Share

In the Trenches

Our In the Trenches AutoInc. Audio interviews focus on timely and relevant topics to ASA.

In the Trenches: Hear An AutoInc. Audio Interview with Roy Schnepper

In the Trenches: Hear An AutoInc. Audio Interview with Roy Schnepper

Roy Schnepper

Hear Automotive Service Association Chairman Roy Schnepper discuss a variety of topics vital to the interests of the automotive service industry. Don’t miss this new edition of Carm Capriotto’s popular podcast, “In the Trenches,” in which Roy talks about what’s going on with ASA’s “No. 1 goal this year”: bringing in new members. He also addresses the need to educate members on advanced technology; the challenges auto body shops face in adapting to pre- and post-repair scans and aluminum frames; industry consolidation; the upcoming NACE | Automechanika Chicago show; and a new spirit of collaboration between service repair and collision repair professionals.View and Share

In the Trenches: Hear An AutoInc. Audio Interview with Dan Risley

In the Trenches: Hear An AutoInc. Audio Interview with Dan Risley

Dan Risley

What’s the latest on the Automotive Service Association’s (ASA) recent announcement of its collaboration with Messe Frankfurt to stage the debut July 26-29 this year of NACE | Automechanika Chicago? Find out as ASA President and Executive Director Dan Risley talks with Remarkable Results Radio’s Carm Capriotto in this installment of “In the Trenches” about how the deal came about, what drove the decision, how the co-produced event will benefit the industry and why collision repair professionals need to make this annual event a must on their list of automotive trade shows to attend.View and Share

In the Trenches: Hear An AutoInc. Audio Interview with Dan Risley

In the Trenches: Hear An AutoInc. Audio Interview with Dan Risley

Dan Risley

In anticipation of the 2016 NACE | CARS Expo and Conference coming up Aug. 10-12 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif., Dan Risley, Automotive Service Association (ASA) president and executive director, talks about what visitors can expect to see and do at the show including the MSO Symposium, the Service and Repair Leadership Forum, the Technology & Telematics Forum and all of the exciting things taking place on the show floor.View and Share

In the Trenches: Hear an AutoInc. Audio Interview with Donny Seyfer and Pete Rudloff

[caption id="attachment_3156" align="alignright" width="160"]Donny Seyfer Donny Seyfer[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3158" align="alignright" width="160"]Pete Rudloff Pete Rudloff[/caption] In this episode, learn more about a new website that was unveiled to the automotive service industry recently by the Automotive Service Association. Available at, it’s a helpful resource for the automotive aftermarket that consolidates and simplifies access to tool information. We’ll be talking to Donny Seyfer, chairman of ASA, and co-owner of Seyfer Automotive in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, and the architect of this project, as well as Pete Rudloff, a technician and owner of Pete’s Garage in Newark, Delaware, on how can help you access tool information more quickly and efficiently.View and Share

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