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Relearning Toyota Idle Speed

Posted 09/1/2013
By Brad Davis

According to the Toyota factory manual there is no idle speed relearn procedure, but reality says there is.

A procedure we have found that works is to:

  1. Remove the 15-amp EFI fuse and the 10-amp electronic throttle control system (ETCS) fuse for about 20 minutes.
  2. Remove the intake air boot from the throttle body.
  3. Clean the throttle plate and throttle bore area carefully while the fuses are removed.
  4. Reinstall the fuses after the 20-minute removal period.
  5. The throttle plate is typically sprung open slightly. Gently push and hold it closed while you have an assistant turn the ignition switch on; do not force the throttle plates closed while turning the ignition switch on. Let the engine control module (ECM) push it back open a bit, just so the ECM knows the fully closed position as the key is turned on.
  6. Reinstall the intake air boot to the throttle body.
  7. Start the engine and let the engine idle until the cooling fans cycle on. The idle speed should now be correct.
  8. As we have all learned, nothing seems to work on every make and model, but in most cases, we have had good success with this procedure.

    Brad Davis is an Identifix Asian specialist. He is a Toyota Master and ASE Master with L1 certification.

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