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Ron NagyAre You In?

Posted 01/08/2012

It’s here: 2013. The Mayan calendar was wrong – we are still all here. And if you’re reading this, chances are you did not win the Powerball lottery. You survived the holidays, and now it’s a new year.

This brings me to my simple, yet possibly difficult, question: How will you attack this year?

I recently received a tweet that said, “If you’re not in 100%, don’t waste everyone’s time.” So as a leader, owner, manager, are you in 100 percent?

I have always been an optimist. Even growing up, my Little League team may have been losing 0-10 in the last inning with 2 outs and a count of 0 and 2, and I would be saying, “Come on! Rally time, rally time!” I may have wrecked my bike three times trying to jump the ramp over two milk crates and be bleeding from my knees, elbows and forehead, yet I would still try again and say those famous words, “Watch this!” as my brother stood by. So back to my question: “How will you attack this year?”

Take a second and STOP. Look at the key word I used: “attack.” I feel this is very important. I believe sometimes we want to say, “I’ve tried, and it ain’t workin’.” But have you really attacked your problem, your issue, your goals and visions? Can you say you gave it 100 percent? I’m going to refer back to Dick Cross, who spoke at NACE and CARS, and wrote the best-selling book, “Just Run It.” Have you set a clear Vision–Mission–Strategy for this year? Not in your head, but on paper?

With my brother and managers’ help, we set some clear goals for 2013. That’s our Vision. We then set clear ways to accomplish these goals, these visions. That’s Strategy. Now the fun part, but also the most important part, Execution! And my team has clearly decided we will attack these visions/ goals with everything we have. We may fail, but we will attack them and give it 100 percent. Oh, and by the way, I did finally clear two milk crates in my Evel Knievel impression.

Editor’s note: Happy New Year! Best-selling author and business turnaround expert Dick Cross will be writing an exclusive column for AutoInc. readers this year. Check out page 6!

By Ron Nagy, AAM, Chairman

Ron Nagy




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