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Posted 10/17/2012

ASA Member Benefits

Just a Few of the Many Ways ASA Helps Keep You Going!

Membership benefits information current through Sept. 2012. Click here to download a full up-to-date list of all ASA membership benefits in .pdf format.

Click here to join ASA now!

ASA Members Save Approximately $420 Per Year on ALLDATA Repair!

ALLDATA and ASA are committed to advancement of the automotive service industry by supporting professionals like you. The collaborative program offers ASA members the highest quality products and services to help their businesses maximize customer satisfaction, sales, technical efficiency and profits. Through ALLDATA Repair S3000, ALLDATA Manage, ALLDATA Market and ALLDATA Collision S3500, your life will be easier, your employees more motivated and your shop more productive and profitable.

UniFirst’s 4-Step Facility Service System Is Your Line of Defense

UniFirst replaces and restocks your mats, mops, wiping products and restroom supplies. Eighty percent of the dirt that enters your building is tracked in on the shoes of employees and visitors. More than 70 percent of customers state that a poorly maintained restroom is reason enough not to patronize a business again. On a regular schedule, UniFirst will visit your place of business to pick up soiled floor mats, mops and wiping products and replace them with fresh, hygienically clean ones. It also restocks your restroom supplies with hand soaps, sanitizers, paper towels, sanitary tissues and air fresheners. Lower your housekeeping and maintenance costs and guarantee ongoing, reliable and consistent product availability.

ASA Member New Users Save $150-$300!

Mitchell International’s ABS 8 (Advanced Business System) is a Windows-based business management system that raises the performance bar for profit-enhancing functions that can turn any shop into a more productive enterprise. ASA members save $300 on ABS. ASA members also save $150 on Mitchell’s UltraMate Automated estimating system – a collision repair solution that simplifies the collection and flow of critical information and tasks between the business and trading partners in the claims process.

CSi Complete – Customer Satisfaction Indexing

Customer satisfaction is extremely important in this day and age. ASA and CSi Complete are bringing you a customer satisfaction indexing service that uses a systematic approach to monitor business performance. CSi Complete offers traditional phone-based CSi market research while CSi Communicator offers automated, but personalized, phone-based technology.

All of these great benefits can be found in the ASA Marketplace - the place to go for one-stop shopping of ASA's entire benefits portfolio. Access all member benefits via the ASA Marketplace at by entering your e-mail and password "asa."



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