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Posted 11/15/2012
By Angie Kilbourne, AAM

Web Wise: Did Google Drop You Faster Than a Hot Spark Plug?


Have you been getting fewer and fewer phone calls from your website? Take a look at your search rank for the answer. Many small-business owners have seen their Google rankings plummet over the past few months as a result of Google’s most recent updates.

Google updates its mathematical indexing more than 500 times a year, but on occasion they release large updates to improve search results. In 2011 a major update called “Panda” targeted websites with poor user experience and poor quality content. And the latest major update in April 2012 called “Penguin” targeted websites using unfair ranking techniques and manipulations. Since then, there has been an increase of small business websites that have dropped off the first page into the abyss of second page anonymity.

Identifying the problem might be as complex as identifying the solution.

Everytime you search for yourself in a Google search bar from your own computer, Google remembers your search keywords. Every time you click on your own website, Google remembers you like to click on it. You have now trained Google to keep your own website on the top of the search.

It also works in reverse. If you Google yourself or the keywords you want to rank for, inspect your search rank position, then never click on your link, you are training Google that your website is not relevant to your search and you have now trained your browser to leave you out of the search. In short, your search results on your own computer are skewed. Just because you rank great on your own computer doesn’t mean you are in the clear.

Using a friend’s computer off premises can sometimes help you get a better view of your actual rank position, but your analytics really tell the story. Compare the last two years of traffic to your website and check for significant changes in the past few months. Also, review your entry keywords and see if you are missing keywords that used to bring traffic. Watching your analytics is as important as watching your financials!

Contributed by Angie Kilbourne, AAM, and Danny Sanchez

Net Numbers

Google’s market share in search continues to grow. Currently, there are more than 3 billion searches a day on Google. In June, the search giant recorded its highest market share yet, at 68.8 percent; Bing followed with 15.4 percent and Yahoo! rounded out the top three with 13.4 percent.

Source: Business Insider, Web Pro News


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