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ASA Releases White Paper on Associationís Crash Parts Policy

Posted 5/15/2012

Download free copy at > Tools & Resources

Denise Caspersen, ASA Collision Division manager
Denise Caspersen, manager of ASA’s Collision Division, recently put the finishing touches on a white paper about the
association’s crash parts policy. Caspersen works closely with ASA’s Collision Division Operations Committee to monitor
parts quality and related issues on behalf of ASA members.

The Automotive Service Associa­tion’s Collision Division has completed a white paper on the development of ASA’s recent official position statement on replacement crash parts. Follow­ing work group discussions by ASA’s Governmental Affairs Committee and Collision Division Operations Committee, these teams set out to create a balanced and contemporary update to the association’s 1997 crash parts policy.

The white paper, which can be downloaded from the ASA website at, provides a historical look at ASA’s crash parts position, along with today’s expectation for the highest possible level of quality aftermarket parts.

ASA’s contemporary policy calls for collision repair facilities and insurance vendors to disclose to the consumer all part types being recommended, along with the part description and warranty information.

In recognizing the value of a competitive parts market, the updated policy maintains that the original equipment manufacturer part is the standard, while supporting replacement crash parts that are certified and verified in which quality is based on empirical and measurable evidence equal to the OEM part.

Although ASA’s members maintain that original equipment manufacturer parts are the standard for parts specifications, these independent business owners also see the positive effects a competitive marketplace has on producing higher quality parts.

Dan Stander
Dan Stander

ASA’s members, through their hands-on experiences, are aware that providing the best possible repair for an individual consumer must take into account the individual’s economic circumstances, with quality and safety at the forefront of the repair plan. ASA’s membership also recognizes the importance of fact-based, verifiable evidence that speaks to the quality and responsiveness of replacement crash parts.

“Collision repairers want to use the best possible replacement crash parts for collision repairs and are aware that no two repairs are the same. The measurable and verifiable data of replacement crash parts is essential for the repair community to determine the various levels of quality in the parts market. Aftermarket parts built to the standard of original equipment parts raises the bar of quality and advances a competitive parts market,” said Dan Stander, ASA Collision Division director and co-owner of Fix Auto Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Colo.

The quality of replacement crash parts is an issue that continues to be monitored by ASA’s Collision Division Operations Committee.

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On behalf of its members who serve the motoring public, the association appreciates its new and ongoing relationships with ASA’s associate members, including its newest associate member in the collision parts segment, Cornerstone Auto Parts. ASA’s recent partnership with Diamond Standard Parts also underscores the association’s position regarding replacement crash parts.

If you are an ASA member and you purchase Diamond Standard brand parts, download your Certificate of Coverage to display in your customer waiting area at (case-sensitive username: DSSSASA, password: ds2012ASA).




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