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Posted 3/15/2012

2012 Shaping Up as
Busy Legislative Season for States

ASA repairers heavily involved with proposed legislation around the country

Utah Bill Would Weaken Vehicle Inspection Requirement

Utah House Bill 298, which would abolish the requirement that all motor vehicles obtain a certificate of inspection prior to registration, has been reported favorably by committee with significant amendments, and is now headed to the House floor. The bill was introduced by Utah state Rep. John Dougall, R-27, and would dilute the Utah State Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Program if passed.

The most important changes made to the language of the bill were those involving determinants for the frequency of the safety inspection requirement, specifically the age of the vehicle based on the model year. The age of a vehicle that is required to have a safety inspection each year would be changed from eight or more years old on Jan. 1, 2013 to 10 or more years old Jan. 1, 2013. Also, a vehicle safety inspection would be required every four years for each vehicle that is less than eight years old Jan. 1, 2013 in the fourth year and the eighth year. There were some omissions that were made to requirements as well.

The bill, if passed, would take effect July 1, 2013.

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) opposes these changes to the Utah Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Program. The bill’s effect would be to create less-safe highways in Utah – there would be more accidents leading to more injuries and possibly more deaths. State government studies of vehicle safety inspection programs in Missouri and Pennsylvania have indicated that inspection programs deter accidents, injuries and deaths.  

ASA asks Utah repairers to contact their legislators and express their opposition to House Bill 298. Repairers can go to ASA’s legislative website at and send an opposition letter.

To view full text of the bill, as well as the changes that were made, visit ASA’s legislative website at

Proposed Houston Licensing Ordinance Stalls; City Council Delays Action

On Feb. 14, the mayor’s office in the city of Houston released new changes to the proposed ordinance to regulate the automotive repair and collision industry. The Houston City Council did not reach a final conclusion on the ordinance proposal but opted to refer the ordinance back to the administration. There has been no date set for the ordinance to be reconsidered.

ASA members in Houston opposed the proposed ordinance and will continue to work to ensure that any ordinance approved by the city council will treat consumers and repairers fairly. To view information regarding ASA’s grassroots effort – including the letter sent to the mayor and Houston City Council members – visit ASA’s legislative website at

Michigan Bill Would Increase Tort Liability Within Its No-Fault Insurance System

Michigan House Bill 5362 was recently introduced in the Michigan legislature by Rep. Cindy Denby, R-47, and referred to the House Committee on Insurance. This bill would amend section 3e of MCL 500.3135, raising the tort liability from $500 to $1,000. According to Ray Fisher, ASA-Michigan president, this is a “realistic figure in accordance to consumer price indexing.” Fisher went on to say that the liability fee has not been abused and that the current amount is unrealistic for today.

The amount of tort liability has not been raised in Michigan since the mid-1990s. The increase proposed in Michigan would treat consumers more fairly.

ASA asks that Michigan repair shop owners visit ASA’s legislative website,, to send letters of support for this bill to their legislators.



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