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  Chairman's Message

Ron NagyThe New, More Relevant ASA!

Posted 6/11/2012
By Ron Nagy, AAM, Chairman

Welcome to the new, more relevant ASA! Some great things happened at this year’s annual business meeting, all of which will help us serve you even better.

Before I get to that, though, some of you may be thinking that my year as chairman should be about over, so “why is he still writing the ‘Chairman’s Message?’” Well, at last month’s board of directors meeting, the national board and membership voted on new bylaws for the Automotive Service Association to keep the association relevant. These bylaws included a smaller board – transitioning from 12 members to seven, which will be done by attrition over the next few years – and two-year terms for some of the positions rather than one-year terms. The chairman and chairman-elect positions are among those transitioning to longer terms. Hence, I remain as your chairman and I’m honored to do so.

The new ASA also no longer has “layers” of board-level activity, such as an executive committee (a subset of the national board), or separate activity as an affiliate board (known as the affiliate assembly). We believe ASA members want and deserve one board working from one foundation, allowing any member at any level of the organization to have direct contact with the entire board as needed.

Under the new bylaws, steps are in motion to create a way in which ASA members can easily bring their ideas, suggestions and even problems straight to the board of directors as a whole, and get a prompt and specific response.

As shop owners and managers, we all know we have had to change the way we do business, the way we market our business and even the way we communicate in our business. Why? We want to remain relevant in today’s society. I feel we also want an association that has changed with us and is relevant to our needs in today’s business world. For this reason, I’m excited for the opportunity to chair the board for another year and, along with the rest of this fantastic group of board members, help take this association into exciting times.

And speaking of exciting times … Everyone reading this needs to immediately register for Automotive Service and Repair Week (ASRW). This is the year to do it, as NACE and CARS have also changed to become more relevant. They’re in New Orleans and will be relevant to you whether you’re a collision shop or a mechanical shop – or both. Whether you’re a small, single-shop business or a regional multiple-shop operator (MSO), go to and register right now. I’m serious. Stop reading and register right now. I know from experience that you will not regret attending this great event. (See AutoInc.’s preview of the event on pages 14-15.)

Enjoy your summer, and I look forward to serving you for another year!

Ron Nagy




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