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  Special Feature

ASA State Legislative Objectives

(Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2012)

Posted 1/16/2012

I.  Monitor State Legislation and Regulations

A. The Washington office will advocate positions before state legislatures and agencies in support of or in opposition to legislation or regulations as directed by the ASA board of directors.

B. The Washington office will submit testimony, when appropriate, in favor of or in opposition to proposed legislation and regulations.

C. The Washington office will develop favorable new legislation and seek sponsors and supporters both inside and outside the state legislature.

D. The Washington office will study, evaluate and report on all new legislation for its potential impact on ASA members.

E.  The Washington office will garner grassroots support from ASA members and other interested parties on issues of principal concern.

F.  The Washington office will develop industry coalitions to assist ASA members in state legislative and regulatory activity.

II. Develop a Position and a Lobbying Strategy for Important Legislation

The Washington office will recommend positions and advocacy strategies for legislation that has been introduced or for any new proposals to be supported or opposed by ASA.

A. Insurance Reform

1. ASA supports state legislation that provides that no motor vehicle insurance policy may require the insured to use a particular repair facility for repair services.

2. ASA supports requiring insurers and auto collision facilities to provide disclosure of part type, description and warranty information to the consumer for all part types including, but not limited to, original equipment manufacturer, aftermarket, recycled, remanufactured, reconditioned and rebuilt crash parts.

ASA supports quality parts, certified and verified in which the quality is determined based on empirical and measurable evidence equal to the standard of OEM parts. ASA recommends quality verification and testing related to metallurgy, fit, functionality and responsiveness. ASA believes a competitive parts marketplace, of tested and verified quality parts, is in the best interest of the motoring public. ASA continues to oppose parts policies that focus solely on cost efficiency without regard to certification, verifiable quality and safety.

3. ASA opposes state legislation that allows insurance companies to offer policyholders the option of purchasing policies that provide that only certain repair facilities will be used in the event of a claim in return for reduced premium charges.

4. ASA opposes insurance companies having an ownership interest in repair facilities.

5. ASA supports removing the cost of repairing, replacing or reinstalling inflatable safety restraints from the total cost of repairs to rebuild or reconstruct a vehicle.

B. Vehicle Safety and Emissions Inspections

1. ASA supports legislation that encourages states to adopt safety and inspection programs, combined with vehicle emissions inspection programs where feasible.

2. ASA supports effective state vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance programs tailored to meet each state’s unique requirements.

C. Clean Air Issues

1. ASA supports state legislation that limits the sale and distribution of automotive refinish products to those repair facilities with the proper training and equipment necessary for the safe and environmentally sound use of those products.

2. ASA opposes state legislation promoting accelerated vehicle scrappage programs in instances where older, high-emitting vehicles can be identified and adequately repaired except if a repair option exception is included in the scrappage proposal.

3. ASA opposes state Clean Car super warranty regulations modeled after current California state law.

D. Miscellaneous Legislation

1. ASA opposes state legislation that attempts to limit the payment plans by which automotive technicians are compensated.

2. ASA opposes state legislation that requires automotive repair shops to provide long-term warranties on labor and parts.

3. ASA supports state repair shop licensing that includes, but is not limited to, technician training and equipment requirements and has an industry oversight board.

4. ASA supports state incentives for training and apprenticeship programs.

5. ASA supports legislation and regulations that create affordable business liability, health and worker compensation programs.

III. Develop a Long-Term Grassroots Education Program

A. The Washington office will work with the national office to disseminate information to ASA members to enhance ASA’s advocacy efforts.

B. The Washington office will use new technologies to reach members and inform them of opportunities for grassroots lobbying activities.

C. The Washington office will conduct state education activities to enhance independent repair state positions. The Washington office will develop targeted state initiatives to advance ASA national legislative policies.

D. ASA encourages the independent automotive repair industry to use ASA’s legislative and regulatory website:

IV. Develop Political Action Committee Participation

The Washington office will work with ASA’s Government Affairs Committee toward developing political action committee participation by ASA members.



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