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  Chairman's Message

Ron NagyInformation

Posted 8/13/2012
By Ron Nagy, AAM, Chairman

We have heard many quotes about information. One of my favorites is:

“As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Everywhere we turn we are told how important information is, or having access to information. We want to make sure we, as owners or managers, are informed … we want our techs informed … and we are determined that our service advisers are informed. We even want to have our customers informed.

In this month’s issue we address empowering our service advisers and having informed customers. This is so crucial in today’s tough market. There is also great “information” on being a savvy marketer and educating customers. I don’t think anyone can disagree the repair orders with educated and informed customers are always the easiest and smoothest jobs that run through your shop. So read through these articles and let us know what you think. I know one thing for sure, if you want unlimited information about tools, equipment, management classes and networking, there is only one place: ASRW 2012 in New Orleans.

Every time I get an update from Hanley Wood (ASA’s show management team for Automotive Service and Repair Week) about the upcoming NACE and CARS events, I get more excited. Starting with the new “Mechanical Management Symposium” (MMS). There is no one better than Chubby Fredrick, who has been selected to moderate this all-day session! If you are a mechanical shop, do not miss this. I have personally attended Chubby Fredrick’s sessions and they are unequivocally some of the best. And for both mechanical and collision repairers, we are introducing “Twenty 2.0” – the start of ASA’s performance group, an exciting new peer benchmarking concept to be launched at ASRW. You may have heard of 20 Groups or performance groups, you may even have attended them in the past or currently participate in a group. One thing for sure, if you compete with multi-shop operators, consolidators or franchises – this is the group to be involved in. It is brand new and will be rolled out at CARS and NACE 2012!

So as one of my favorite quotes says: “Information is money, but data is squat. Information only turns into data, if you don’t do anything with the information.” So I encourage you to read this issue, then apply the information. Sign up for ASRW, attend, and then apply the information. This year’s ASRW is one you cannot miss!

See you in New Orleans in October! The education sessions begin Wednesday, the 10th, and run through Saturday, the 13th. The Expo is Thursday through Saturday.

Ron Nagy

Editor’s note: ASRW registration is open at More details about this year’s show will be available in our exciting “Show“ issue next month!




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