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  Chairman's Message

It's Finally Here!

Posted 10/3/2011
By Ron Nagy, AAM, Chairman

Ron NagyASRW, the event we have been looking forward to, is finally here!

CARS and NACE - the No. 1 shows for you, the repairer - are likely under way as you read this. Nowhere else can you get the education, the networking opportunities and face-to-face contact with all the vendors you deal with at the same time, all under one roof.

So get out there and become a sponge and absorb all the knowledge being shared in the classes. Become a better manager. Learn how to market in social media. Write a better estimate. Become a "leaner" business. Improve your car count, your cycle time and billable hours. Then sit at lunch with someone you don't know and introduce yourself. Or walk up and introduce yourself to a group of strangers. One of the priceless aspects of this event is still the networking. So seize the opportunity! Use it!

When you're at the opening reception, make your way around the room. And finally, hit the show floor. Visit every booth. Chat with every vendor. This is your time!

Thank them for coming and if one of your vendors isn't here, make a note and let that vendor know you are disappointed they did not take advantage of this opportunity to be in front of you, when you were free and not behind your desk. Or busy answering your phone or a text. Heck, better yet, call them from the show and ask why they are not here. You paid your dime to be here, you made the investment. Why should your vendor not do the same?

It's an exciting time, with many new offerings, in a prime location (going to Disney World too?) All of the things requested by you, the repairer, have been done. Because, once again, this is your show!

And don't put this magazine down yet; make sure you read the articles. Whether you are a multiple shop or a single shop owner, there are great articles in this issue. Also be sure to read: "Avoid the Mistakes We Made." Why not learn from someone else's mistakes instead of your own? And if you are a technology geek, you can always go to and read the articles there.

Back to ASRW: It's definitely a couple of days when your brain can go on overload. So make sure you grab plenty of business cards for future reference. Take plenty of notes in the classes and general sessions. And for Pete's sake, get to know someone you have never met and network. Heck, if you see me, tap me on the shoulder and say "Hi!" (Just look for the bald head!)

And I cannot end this message without mentioning who is behind this show: ASA - the Automotive Service Association. The association that is most relevant to you and your business. So if you're a member, enjoy the benefits! If you're not, make sure you visit Booth N749 and join immediately. The benefits far outnumber the cost of dues! (For new members who join ASA at the show, there is a bonus: You will get 15 months of membership for the price of 12).

Ron Nagy


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