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Posted 1/13/2011

Thanks for Visiting ASA's Booth
at ASRW!

ASA would like to thank the following individuals who stopped by the ASA booth during Automotive Service and Repair Week in October. We enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones! We had such a great time visiting with all of you that we may have inadvertently missed jotting down all of the names of our visitors. So, if you stopped by and your name is not listed below, we apologize in advance.

Darrell Amberson, AAM
Andy Eberstadt
Diane Larson, AAM
Mike Ricci
Mike Anderson, AAM
Charles Elder, AAM
Carol Lee
Dan Rohler
Kelley Archon
Dan Espersen
Kevin Leiby
Luz Rubio, CAE
Johnny Arnold
Ray Fisher, AAM
Patti Leiby
Dean Saffie
Ali Azar
Kari Foster
Perry Leonard
Mike Santana
Rory Balmer
Monte Gaustad
Mike LeVasseur
Roy Schnepper, AAM
Jason Barlow
Steve Geiling, AAM
Glen Leyden
Mike Schoonover
Midge Barlow
Greg Gilmore
Norman Lippmann
Steve Schultz
Stacy Bartnik
April Gliniecki
Sharron Lippmann
Steve Seller
Scott Benavidez
Clyde Goettl
David Loewen
Jeff Shaffer
Roger Bonfe
Robert Gonzalez
Jack Lord
Ray Sharp
Doug Bowman
Jerome Goodson
Jeff Lovell, AAM
Joe Simon
Sue Bowser
Alan Guenther
Keith Manich
Daniel Smith
Doreen Brewster
John Gustafson
Timothy Marek
Russ Snygg
Matt Brewster
Carmelita Haltom
Ed Martin
David Solmes
Mike Brewster, AAM
Sheri Hamilton
Kelly Mathers
Dan Sommerhauser
Cindy Brown
Rodney Harback
Jackie Matthews
Dan Stander
Johnny Buffington
Christy Heerdt
Barb Menke
Mark Strain
Andy Bulnes
Rob Hill
Vernon Menke Jr.
Max Strubelt
Ryan Bultman, AAM
Johnny Hollins, AAM
April H. Miller
Samuel Strubelt
Jay Burkett
Neva Hollins, AAM
Robert Minotti
Stephen Strubelt
Jerry Burns, AAM
Liz Hornbeck
Glen Moore
Angie Stubelt
Paula Campbell
Carol House
Bill Moss, AAM
Erik Sumen
Tim Campbell, AAM
Lee House
Ron Nagy, AAM
David Swartzlander
Holly Carnes
Greg Jeffers
Jim Neumann
Steve Taglianetti
Steve Carnes, AAM
James Jensvold
Jody Noto
Martha Templeton
Bob Carter
Joel Jester
Immanuel Otterski
Zachariah Templeton
Mike Carter
Fred Johnson
Matt Overbeck
Steve Tomaszewski
Kristine Cesena
Jennie Johnson
Michael A. Parente
Jeffrey Townsend Sr.
Jason Chapman
Stephen Keller, AAM
Charles Parker
Bill Tracht
Boris Chernin
Bryan Kelley
Eric Parsons
Hank Tweeten
Melissa Choiniere
Gary Keyes, AAM
Jim Patton, AAM
Doug Vollmer
Michael A. Choiniere Jr.
Anita King
Charles Peterson
Greg Wade
Michael A. Choiniere Sr.
Bill King
Christena Pfeifer
Archie Watley
Jim Cihon
Rebecca Kirchdorfer
Merle Pfeifer, AAM
Rolf Werner, AAM
Lisa Cihon
Douglass Kirchdorfer, AAM
Kris Piippo
Timothy Wessling
Tommy Clayton
Steve Kirk, AAM
Tom Piippo
Jim Wiggins
Kenneth Collins
Mark Kovalsky
Howard Pitkow, AAM
Sue Wilbur
Joe Coverdill
Jim Kronick
Rod Posner
Terry Wynter, AAM
Lori Davidson
Vic Kuvakia
Carroll Proctor
Betty Jo Young, AAM
Jake deKelaita
Christy Lambeth
Aidan Quinn
Paul Duncan, AAM
David Lanspeary, AAM
Jason Rains


ASA Leader Receives BSB's Top Honor
Magazine Cites Nagy As Exec of the Year

Scott Shriber, left, publisher, BodyShop Business, presented the award to Ron Nagy.
Scott Shriber, left, publisher, BodyShop Business, presented the award to Ron Nagy.

Congratulations to ASA member Ron Nagy, AAM, who was recently named the 2011 BodyShop Business Collision Repair Shop Executive of the Year by BodyShop Business magazine. Nagy, owner of several Nagy's Collision Centers in the Wooster, Ohio, area, serves on the ASA board of directors as the chairman-elect and holds a seat on the executive committee. The prestigious award is given annually to "a true collision repair visionary," someone who has experienced great success by being "forward thinking," overcoming challenges and persevering.

Nagy was presented with the award at the International Autobody Congress & Exposition (NACE), which was held during Automotive Service and Repair Week (ASRW) in Las Vegas Oct. 10-13, 2010.

Advanstar Pays Tribute to ASA Chairmen

Earl Dohner, AAM Jerry Burns, AAM
Tschanen Brandyberry, managing editor of Motor Age, presented Earl Dohner, AAM, (left) and Jerry Burns, AAM, (right) with collectible die-cast replicas of one of their favorite vehicles as a tribute to their service as ASA's outgoing and current chairmen, respectively. Honoring the contributions of ASA's chairmen to the industry is a longtime tradition of Advanstar publications. Presentations were made during the ASRW Awards Luncheon in Las Vegas.

Affiliate News

Wicklund's CARSTAR Honors America's Veterans and Active Duty Military

Wicklund's CARSTAR of Liberty, Mo., honored America's activity duty and military veterans and their spouses with a special celebration as part of National Military Month.

As part of the celebration, Wicklund's CARSTAR partnered with the VFW Foundation on its "Return the Favor" national campaign designed to boost morale and fill-in government assistance gaps for troops (all service branches) and military families anywhere in the United States. Liberty, Mo., area customers can simply make a donation of $5 and have their name featured on the "Return the Favor" donation cards featured in the store.

Schirmer's Garage Inc. Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Vince, Joe and Frank Schirmer
Vince, Joe and Frank Schirmer

October 3, 1960, saw the start of Schirmer's Garage by brothers Vince, Joe and Frank Schirmer.

The shop celebrated by hosting an open house that was attended by hundreds of customers and community members.

One customer said that as a result of the shop's good and honest work, they have saved her thousands of dollars through the years.


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