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  Chairman's Message

You Matter; Your ASA Membership Matters

Posted 8/11/2011
By Ron Nagy, AAM, Chairman

Ron NagyThe hot August days are upon us and the summer is flying by. First, I want to urge everyone to keep all those who have faced storm damage in their thoughts and prayers. We tend to move on with our lives and forget those who have been devastated by tornados, flooding or even high winds and thunderstorms. Some of our very own board members have dealt with rebuilding from various storms; I'm sure there are other members as well. If you have been affected, please share your experience on ASA's Facebook page.

Second, I want to encourage everyone in this profession to register for Automotive Service and Repair Week (ASRW). Every day I hear more and more exciting news surrounding NACE and CARS. There is definitely a buzz in the air about the new location and all the changes happening at the show. So if you haven't registered, mark this page, stop reading and go online to register at or

I always look forward to the issues with articles from T.J. Reilly titled "What Would You Do?" Customers - and business in general - are more demanding today than ever. So if I can wrap my arms around a solution another shop owner has resolved, I'm all for it. I still feel one of the strongest benefits ASA has is the networking. Networking is where I have learned so many answers to business situations. The best part is this: networking happens at the local level, the regional level and the national level. But it doesn't stop there. It happens on the operations committees, it happens on webinars, it happens at ASRW. Do you get the point? Just like reading articles in AutoInc. and learning, we also can learn at every level of ASA and at every ASA event. That's PRICELESS!

The other article I'm pumped about is "Smart Shops Connect with Women in Social Media" by Jody DeVere, this month's guest editorialist. I have had the pleasure of hearing Jody speak personally and she is right on the money with her presentation.

Yes, these are fascinating times. Connections matter. Communities matter. Networking matters. Communications matter. Do you know your market? I mean really, really know your market? The gender, age, income level, demographics? Who is your target market? As the economy improves and the opportunity to expand your business and increase your market share presents itself, you need to have every tool possible to give you the information you need to make smart business decisions. ASA will be there to do just that.

So enjoy this issue of AutoInc., but first get online to register for ASRW! You and I are THE target market for NACE or CARS - the events designed specifically for those of us in the repair industry. (See a sneak peek here.) Sign up today. It's a move you won't regret!

Ron Nagy


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