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  Guest Editorial

Impact of ASRW on the Industry

Posted 4/12/2011
By Lindsay Roberts

ASA's trade shows mirror the changes going on
in the mechanical and collision industries.

This October we will host the 29th annual International Autobody Congress and Exposition (NACE) and the 26th annual Congress of Automotive Repair and Service (CARS) show - two events that have stood the test of time and have impacted the automotive service and repair industry.

ASRW 2-11 NACE CARSFrom the early years in Nashville, to the larger-than-life years, to the more recent, professionally minded events, NACE has been a direct reflection of the collision repair industry and the economy. It has evolved through the years to adapt to changing circumstances, technology, legislation and varying economic conditions, while staying true to the fundamental principles upon which it was founded: to create an environment where the industry can gather to network, experience new products and learn new techniques that will improve business. The same can be said for CARS.

Key changes in the collision industry, such as the introduction of the unibody frame, the use of aluminum, high-strength steels and waterborne paints have each caused a domino reaction. These and other industry changes have been reflected in the type of education, information and products offered at NACE and CARS to become more relevant to attendees.

As each major shift has occurred in the industry, it's become even more important for shop owners, technicians, front office staff and managers to have face-to-face access with the manufacturers of the products they need.

Always thinking about how we can see the bigger picture, a few years ago we began to see that NACE encompassed more of the automotive industry than just collision repair. We responded by co-locating NACE with ASA's other stand-alone event, CARS, to create a place especially for every service and repair professional. The inclusion of CARS allowed us to increase the size and scope of the show floor and also the magnitude of each show's already outstanding education programs.

In anticipation of the growth of NACE and CARS alongside its respective industries, the creation of Automotive Service & Repair Week (ASRW) provides a platform for continued changes, additional events and audiences. ASRW has continued to put more focus on the show floor, education and networking - thus strengthening the forum through which we can provide that access.

There's no other place to find 300-plus parts suppliers, OEMs, software companies - everyone who provides products and services that lend support to the industry - than ASRW.

We're constantly looking for new, unique offerings, and we're excited to bring the Association Leadership Summit as well as the ASRW Industry Forum back to ASRW 2011. The summit is an excellent example of ASA's benevolence and dedication to the industry, and provides a place especially for association leaders to meet and gain knowledge. The ASRW Industry Forum is the place for a cross section of vendors, shop owners and industry supporters to not only discuss industry topics amidst a panel of experts, but a place to collaboratively provide solutions for those challenges.

Moving forward, the automotive service and repair industry will continue to evolve, and ASRW will continue to set the bar for professionalism. We look forward to mirroring those changes and the challenges they present in 2011 and the years to come. Experience all of these changes live by joining us in Orlando this Oct. 5-8 (Conference) and Oct. 6-8 (Expo) at ASRW 2011!

Lindsay Roberts Lindsay Roberts is the ASRW/NACE/CARS show director with Hanley Wood Exhibitions. She may be reached at


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