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  Education and Training

ASA: Your Source for Training, Education!

Posted 5/17/2010

ASRW Will Bring Together Great Classes, Instructors

Great plans are under way to make your training and education experience at ASA's Automotive Service & Repair Week (ASRW) an exceptional one. ASRW 2010 events will take place Oct. 10-13 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

ASRW NACE CARS Oct. 10-13, 2010No longer held during Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week, ASRW is now a stand-alone event specifically created for all automotive service and repair professionals, enabling even more industry segments to join under the umbrella.

The high-quality educational program is scheduled Oct. 10-13, a Sunday through Wednesday day pattern; the Expo will be open from Oct. 11-13, Monday through Wednesday. 2010 marks the third ASRW, which features the International Autobody Congress & Exposition (NACE), the only event of its kind that's designed for the collision repair professional; the Congress of Automotive Repair & Service (CARS), the premier event for automotive service professionals; as well as Auto Glass Week, dedicated to the automotive glass professional.

As you make plans to attend this year's Automotive Service and Repair Week, here's an exclusive preview of some of the courses and instructors that ASA has lined up for you, the automotive service and collision repair professional!

The lineup of topics and instructors for this year's Automotive Service & Repair Week include:

    • Richard Flint - Retaining & Recruiting Quality People; When You Care, They Know!

    • Bob Cooper - Become a Better Manager, Employee Compensation and Incentives That Work

    • Jody DeVere (CEO - What Women Want!

    • Allen Oppenheimer - Business Valuation and Exit Planning

    • G. Kent Mangelson - Advanced Lawsuit Protection and Tax Reduction Strategies

    • Tony Molla - Public Relations and Community Outreach

NACE Classes, Instructors:

    • Bernie Blickenstaff - TBA

    • Hank Nunn - Back to Basics - Sales and Marketing, Selling Your Business, Negotiation Skills to Improve Your Position

    • Mike Anderson - The Mechanics of Estimating, Upsell, Outsell and Close; Understanding Continuous Improvement

    • Chris Ortiz (author of Lean Auto Body) - An Introduction to Lean, The Visual Body Shop

    • Kathi Hanley - Human Side of Lean Management

    • Rick Pokorny (Zurich) - Improving Net Income through Safety and Risk Management

    • Roger Wright and Gerald Poirier - Negotiating with Insurers in DRP or Non-DRP Environments

    • Angie Kilbourne - SEO & Internet Marketing for the Body Shop

    • Jason Smith (Panasonic) - Deploy Mobile Computing Devices to Enhance Collision Repair Efficiency

    • Bob Anderson - Aftermarket parts Distribution: The Challenge of Getting a Quality Part

    • Tim Morgan (Celette) - Reducing Structural Repair Bottlenecks

    • Donny Seyfer - Turn Off Those Malfunction Indicator Lamps

    • Ken Kempfer (Fox Valley Technical College) - Mechanical Damage Analysis, Electrical Troubleshooting After a Collision Repair

    • Panel - Dispelling the Myths of Waterborne

    • Bob Keith and Jason Bartanen - Vehicle Technology Influences on the Collision Repair Decision

    • Gerald Poirier - Proof Positive Photo and Video Technology

    • Shawn Collins - Standard Operating Procedures to Ensure Quality Control

    • Tony Passwater - Controlling Costs on Materials, Parts and Overheard

I-CAR Training courses:

    • Vehicle Technology and Trends 2011 Premiere!

    • Advanced Material Damage Analysis

    • Collision Repair for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion Vehicles

    • Collision Repair for Honda and Acura Vehicles Premiere!

    • Recycled Parts for Collision Repair

    • Post-Repair Inspections for Quality Control

CARS Classes, Instructors:

    • Charlie Elder - Successful Service Center Owner Panel

    • Danny Sanchez (Autoshop Solutions) - Plug into the Internet for Car Count, Join the Social Media Conversation!

    • Donny Seyfer - Realize the Profits of Service Information Utilization

    • Chris Chesney (CTI) - Electronic Transmission Diagnostic Strategies

    • George Lesniak (CTI) - Vehicle Security Systems

    • Dave Hobbs (Delphi) - Module Flashing, F.R.E.D. Takes the Bus

    • Carl Stokes (Bosch) - Gasoline Direct Injection

    • John Forro (AST) - Green Bullets - Hybrid Vehicle Service, Mode $06 Diagnostics

    • Rick Escalambre (Skyline Community College) - Monitors and Drive Cycles, Toyota EVAP Diagnosis

    • Financial Management

    • (ACDelco) - Emerging A/C Technology and Service

    • (ACDelco) - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

    • (ACDelco) - Body Control Systems Diagnostics

    • Maylan Newton - Turn Shoppers Into Sales

    • Aaron Clements - Reflecting Your Image

Here are some of the topics you can expect for the popular Women's Professional Development Track:

    • When Being a Woman is an Advantage

    • Developing My Personal Brand

    • Networking

    • 2010 Year of the Women Panel Discussion

For more details on ASRW 2010, please visit and


  • Fuel Injection Service, Not Just Cleaning
  • The Art of Extraction
  • EGR Systems: Operation and Diagnosis
  • Proactive Target Marketing:_Rethinking Your Business Strategy
  • Engine Performance: HO2S Diagnostics

  • Developing Employee Potential
  • How Critical Thinking Can Help Your Business
  • How to Diagnose the Ford Glow Plug
  • What to Look for When Shopping for the Right Shop Management Software
  • Putting a Price Tag on Complaints
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