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ASA Offers Free Resume Posting for Industry Professionals, Plus Free Employment Classifieds for Members

Posted 5/17/2010

Visit Employment Classifieds Section of

The "Employment Classifieds" section of the Automotive Service Association (ASA) Web site is dedicated to helping automotive professionals find employment in the industry. ASA offers free resume posting online for automotive service and repair professionals nationwide. In addition, ASA member-shops have exclusive access to post open positions available at their business. In today's economy, this ASA service can be a valuable employment tool for those seeking a position or needing to fill one.

To use the free ASA service, industry professionals should visit and click on the "Employment Classifieds" button at the top of the home page. Easy-to-follow instructions are available, and once the online form has been submitted and approved, it will be posted in the "Positions Wanted" section of the site. Ads automatically expire in 30 days. Participants may resubmit their resume as needed.

In addition to posting a resume, those seeking employment in the automotive service and repair industry may check out ASA's "Job Opportunities in ASA-Member Shops" section to find a position in a specific area.

Current ASA members may also submit free employment classified ads for their collision and mechanical repair facilities. Using their six-digit member number, members will be taken to ASA's Members Only area to post their available job openings. Locate the red "Member Services" section in the left column and click on "Place an Employment Ad."

"The ASA Classifieds are a real benefit to our members and those who are looking for employment at a time when resources and opportunities are in short supply. We encourage folks to take advantage of the free listings to make a connection within a dedicated environment," said Ron Pyle, ASA president and chief staff executive.

The ASA Web site also includes access to consumer tips, ASA's popular shop locator, and the new ASA Marketplace, which showcases the association's member benefits portfolio.


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