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  Net Worth

Posted 4/8/2010
By Angie Kilbourne

Shop Site of the Month

Greg's Japanese Auto Parts and Service - Renton, Wash., and seven additional locations

Greg's Japanese Auto Parts and Service - Renton, Wash.When you are located on Puget Sound, just a stone's throw away from Microsoft headquarters, you'd better have some great Web technology to attract area customers. Greg's scores top marks here, offering more than the standard Web 2.0 fare. Check out their "Live Chat" that puts you right in contact with staff at the location of your choice.

Nominate your shop's site for a Net Worth profile. E-mail your Web site address to

Web Wise: 'ASA Marketplace' Delivers Member Benefits via Web 2.0 Technology

ASA MarketplaceBy now, you've heard the big news about ASA's new online member benefits portfolio, the "ASA Marketplace." But you may not yet have investigated the new site thoroughly enough to discover how to use this new tool to its greatest benefit. So, let's take a look at the new ASA Marketplace.

Your first point of contact will be the login page, accessible from both the public and Members Only sides of the ASA Web site, Every ASA member's information has been preloaded into the ASA Market place, and new members will be added to the system weekly. Login with the e-mail address ASA has on file with your account and the password "asa" (case-sensitive). Then you're in ... Simple, right?

Wait! You can't get in? Have no fear. Let's go through some of the finer points of the ASA Marketplace.

Because the ASA Marketplace is exclusively for ASA members, the association pre-populated the site with information from its member database. Therefore, you cannot create your own account on the site. In addition, if ASA doesn't have your e-mail address on file, your account has not yet been created. But don't worry; we've provided a simple Member Update Form link on the login page to notify us of new or changed contact information. Fill out the form and we'll get your account set up for you right away.

ASA MarketplaceBut it doesn't mean you have to wait to view the site. We've also provided guest access to the ASA Marketplace. Enter the username "Guest" and the password "asa," and you can browse all the offerings and benefits available to members. Guests, however, cannot take advantage of any of the programs; a member account is required.

Once inside, you'll be impressed with the new benefits we've added and the values available to you now from nationally recognized names such as Sprint, ADP, Chase, Office Max and Staples. ASA members can now take advantage of pre-negotiated savings with selected vendors, allowing you to realize significant discounts on services such as e-mail marketing, employment screening and health insurance.

Go ahead. Login and discover today even more ways your ASA membership pays for itself.

ASA Web Ways: Give Your Shop a Professional
E-mail Address

Need a professional e-mail address for your business or your staff, but working with a tight budget? ASA comes to your rescue with its updated e-mail service - a free benefit for all ASA members and their staff. We recently moved the ASAgo service to a new, more secure and robust server, and now, your ASAgo e-mail can be used with a number of common e-mail clients, such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Mac Mail. You can even sync up your BlackBerry or iPhone to your ASAgo account. Visit for details and to register now.

Net Numbers

U.S. searches in Google increased to 72.25 percent December 2009, up 1 percent from November. Meanwhile Yahoo!, Bing and were down from November's numbers, receiving 14.83 percent, 8.92 percent and 2.54 percent, respectively.

Source: Experian Hitwise


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