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  Chairman's Message

Change is Good ...
and You're the Best

Posted 4/8/2010
By Earl Dohner, AAM, Chairman

Earl DohnerAs I look back over the past year, two thoughts immediately come to mind. First, I want to know, "Where did it go?" Second, I realize that the more I mature, the faster it goes - and it seems to be accelerating at a very high speed! Admittedly, change is good, and we must keep up.

Collectively, as we look back over the past year, I do believe there are some great things that have taken place at this association.

Adjusting to changing times

We are faced with changing times and we simply must adjust to it. This is apparent in several ways at ASA:

    • The use of our resources and time.

    • The way we respond to today's business environment.

    • A heightened response to what the membership wants and needs.

    • Keeping our association at the forefront and leading the automotive industry on behalf of today's repair professionals.

    • Now more than ever, we need to support ASA's advocacy efforts and the initiatives from ASA's Washington, D.C., office.

Best members in the industry

I think I knew this all along, but having served as your ASA chairman the past 12 months, it has become quite clear to me: we have the best members in the industry.

This past year I have been able to work with a lot of the best - the national executive board, the national board of directors, the state affiliate representatives. The time that I was able to talk to and be with these members, from all parts of the association, has been so rewarding, and the team at the national office is the best staff I have ever worked with.

ASA has made some big changes this year, and I do think we are at a turning point for your association. But we must keep an open mind and heart to make us the best we can be. As members, please continue to share your ideas. Sometimes that means getting out of our comfort zone and thinking even further outside of "the box."

I know we will continue to be the leader for years to come because of YOU - our members - who are simply the best.

Keep on keeping on!


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