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  Special Feature

ASA Launches PR Kit for Members

Posted 6/11/2009

Files now available online to help ASA members grow their market share

ASA's PR KitThe Automotive Service Association has launched its new PR Kit to help members promote their business as well as their affiliation with ASA. The kit contains an array of pre-written press releases, photography tips, print- and Web-based advertising samples and suggestions, and an audio clip ready for use on members' Web sites.

All items in ASA's PR Kit are available to members as downloadable Microsoft Word documents in the Members Only section of the ASA Web site ( ASA members may access this section by using their six-digit member number and following the prompts in the top right section of the home page and then click on "ASA's PR Kit." (Your membership number can be found on your AutoInc. label.).

18 Press Release Samples

"ASA's PR Kit is designed to be a dynamic collection of tools and tips for ASA members. Enhancements to the kit may occur on an ongoing basis as a result of member feedback and the creation of additional business aids," said Angie Wilson, ASA's vice president of marketing and communications. "We're extremely pleased to bring these tools to our members to help them in their business communication efforts."

The core of the kit is comprised of pre-written, customizable press releases for all occasions. The kit currently includes the following press release templates:

• Anniversary Date
• Award/Honor/Certification Recipient
• Celebrate Customer Count (millionth, etc.)
• Customer Appreciation Day
• Contest/Prize
• Environmental Program
• Green Shop Status
• New Membership in ASA
• New Staff Announcement
• New Hours of Operation
• New Location (move or expansion)
• New Ownership
• New Ownership (generational)
• New Service Offered
• New Specialty Equipment
• Special Promotional Offer
• Sponsorship/Community Involvement
• Web/Online Scheduling

How Can You Use These New Tools?

It's Easy! Follow These 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: First, identify your shop's news. Are you opening a new location? Are you celebrating an anniversary? Have you just joined ASA? Those are all reasons for sending a press release and gaining recognition for your shop.

Step 2: Download the appropriate press release file of your news from the Members Only section of the ASA Web site and go through the release to insert your own information. Once you're finished, don't forget to proofread it carefully. You may want to have someone else in your shop proofread it, too.

Step 3: Now you're ready to tell the world the exciting news about your shop! Be sure to get the right contact information for your local media outlets and send your release (by e-mail or fax). If you don't already have that information, you can go to the bottom of the ASA home page ( and click on the media link contained in the Taking The Hill/ASA Legislative Alerts section (yellow boxed area in the left column). The link is near a small picture of a video camera and newspaper. You can enter your ZIP code(s) to find a listing a several media sources. (The Capwiz service we use asks that you only use this function to distribute up to five messages at a time ... OR, you can click on the media outlets you have an interest in and simply gather the e-mail addresses, then send them as you see fit using your own e-mail system.) Then follow up with those outlets to make sure they got it and whether they will be able to use it. With minimal effort and follow-up, you can gain great recognition for your shop!


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