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  Special Feature

Remind Consumers That Your Shop Is 'Open for Business!'

Posted 7/9/2009

ASA's PR KitAs consumers continue to turn to independent shops to maintain and repair their cars, it is more and more important to let them know that your shop is "Open for Business," and you have the capabilities required to maintain their vehicle. Now you can use ASA's PR Kit to help promote your business as well as your affiliation with ASA.

ASA's PR Kit is FREE, exclusive to ASA members, and it's super-easy to use! It's located in the Members Only section of the ASA Web site for convenient access 24/7!

Let ASA's electronic PR Kit help you with your current public relations and advertising campaigns. The kit contains an array of prewritten press releases, photography tips, print- and Web-based advertising samples and suggestions, and an audio clip ready for use on your Web site.

• General Information/Tips
Useful tools in this section include a Business Image Checklist, "Meet the Press" guidelines, ASA logos and guidelines, and the ASA Code of Ethics.

• Audio Samples
Open For BusinessMake Sure Consumers Know You're Open for Business!
ASA members may use this consumer campaign material that emphasizes that local neighborhood repair shops are open for business and prepared to repair today's vehicles. This page provides downloads of a radio commercial and graphics suitable for display on your own Web site.

You may also download this high-resolution image for use on your Web site or printed materials. Or download a flash ad for use on your Web site, to accompany the .mp3 file.

• 18 Prewritten Press Releases
We've Done the Work for You!
In today's changing economic world, it is vitally important that you place your business name and its achievements in front of your potential customers as much as possible. Use ASA's downloadable press release templates that can be customized using Microsoft Word. Then simply e-mail the release to your local media outlets!

• Photography Tips
This section offers useful tips to ensure success in using photos in your PR efforts.

• Advertisements
View sample print and Web ads to help you get started on your own promotional material!
• Consumer Brochures
ASA's Consumer Education Brochures are available for purchase through the ASA Online Store. Link to the store through the ASA PR Kit, or visit

Have you seen the adjacent article in your local newspaper?

In addition to your PR efforts, ASA is also helping to educate today's motorists about ASA and its members.

ASA has been stepping up its efforts to make the ASA name and logo a more recognizable image to consumers. The adjacent article is being sent to publications around the country - possibly appearing in your local media.

The last story we distributed like this, "When to See an Automotive Technician," is estimated to have hit more than 5 million readers.

In addition to promoting great repair information, each article touts the ASA Code of Ethics and the ASA Web site, which contains our popular ASA shop locator.

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