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Posted 7/9/2009

By Levy Joffrion

ATG Publishes OBD-II Guides

ATG Quick Reference GuideThe Automotive Training Group (ATG) has released onboard diagnostics (OBD-II) quick-reference guides for 2002-2008 Chrysler and Ford Motor Co. vehicles.

Information in the guides can be used along with a scan tool to quickly identify a fault, determine what conditions were present when the trouble code set, identify possible causes, and determine how to drive the vehicle to validate the repair. Trouble code pre-conditions (enable criteria) included with each trouble code in the handbooks are the key to proper diagnosis and repair of trouble codes on late-model Ford and Chrysler vehicles.

To purchase a handbook or any ATG product or service, contact Heather Fitzgerald at (800) 233-3182, ext. 325.

Networking Shows Value Of Being ASA Member

John Radisi
John Radisi

Something stemmed from the last issue of AutoInc. that points up the value of being a member of ASA.

When John Radisi, the owner of Bear Creek Car Repair Service Inc. in Houston, read T.J. Reilly's feature, "What Would You Do?," in the June 2009 issue of AutoInc., he immediately e-mailed him. In his feature, Reilly pointed up the importance of having a good shop policy manual. Radisi said he was in the process of revising his manual and asked Reilly if he could buy a copy of his to get another shop owner's perspective. Also, to be sure he was up-to-date with the issues concerning today's cars and customers.

Reilly has sent Radisi some material (at no charge) and offered to be of assistance any way he can. The two are communicating via e-mail.

Here's to Reilly's good work! Here's to Radisi's recognizing the importance of having good, up-to-date manuals! Here's to networking! And here's to the benefit of receiving AutoInc. and to the value of being an ASA member!

Your Web Site One of the Top 10?

AutoInc.'s annual Top 10 Automotive Repair SitesThink you have the best-looking Web site in the whole wide land? If so, you need to enter AutoInc.'s annual Top 10 Automotive Repair Sites competition.

Online submissions are now being accepted at While you are there, view the previous Top 10 winners and pick up some pointers for your own site.

Judging begins in September, so make sure your site is ready to go. The winners will be published next January. See you there!

ASA Salutes AutoZone for Customer Service

ohn Scully, AAM, Michael Coccio (center), David Gouge (right)
John Scully, AAM, executive vice president of ASA, presents the Benefit Provider of the Year Award to Michael Coccio (center), AutoZone national accounts manager, and David Gouge (right), vice president, AutoZone Commercial.

The Automotive Service Association at its recent annual convention presented AutoZone with the association's Benefit Provider of the Year Award.

"AutoZone has retained a small company approach to customer service," said Ron Pyle, president of ASA. "One clear example of that is their willingness to change the language and approach to their Check Engine Light/Referral Program. This is a sign of their respect for the membership and leadership of ASA. Their responsiveness to our questions and the resolution of member questions and concerns has always been promptly and professionally handled."


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