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  Net Worth

Posted 2/2/2009
By Angie Kilbourne

Shop Site of the Month

Dynamic Diesel and Bear Alignment - Snohomish, Wash.

Dynamic Diesel and Bear Alignment - Snohomish, Wash. There's nothing ho-hum about this site. Dynamic Diesel puts a fresh spin on the automotive repair Web site with its bold colors and sharp graphics. Clear navigation steers visitors precisely to the services they are seeking, and visibly cross-promotes services across all the pages. Overall, we give Dynamic top marks for a job well done!

Nominate your shop's site for a Net Worth profile. E-mail your Web site address to

Web Wise: Keep 'Em Clicking

According to a November 2008 survey by MailerMailer, fewer consumers worldwide are opening marketing e-mails. "We have over 85 percent of subscribers not clicking on e-mail they explicitly asked to receive," says Mark Brownlow in a post at Email Marketing Reports.

Your readers haven't unsubscribed; so what gives? The first step is identifying why subscribers open their e-mails. Then you can examine what part of the process is failing you.

• Delivery - actually getting your message into their e-mail box.

• Recognition - stirring up positive feelings associated with your organization.

• Pre-interest - your message looks interesting enough to open.

• Interest - after reviewing your message, readers want to take further action.

• Interaction - readers are provided the appropriate tools, links, etc., to follow up.

If they aren't opening your messages, it's time to find out why. Consider sending an invitation to update their profile or to opt-in again. Send them a link to a short survey to find out what they want to see, or not see. You can also try sending them a personalized offer based on their past activity with you.

The results will vary, as will the responses. But find the common points and categorize the results to focus your efforts. According to AWeber's Tom Kulzer, there are a number of reasons people stop opening e-mails. Here are a few from his list:

1. You send too many, or too few, messages.

2. Your content isn't compelling to the reader.

3. Your relationship with the reader has changed, and your services no longer address their needs.

4. Reasons unrelated to you and your organization, such as family illness.

5. Your reader's e-mail address has changed, and you haven't been informed.

Some are issues you can change, and some you can't do anything about. But listen to the ones who are responding to you, say the experts at True You Marketing (TYM). "Unsubscribers are people who probably wouldn't make a purchase even if they stayed. It's better to be concerned about the people who lodge complaints," says TYM. "The only time people complain is when they don't want to leave. Complaining is their way of communicating to you to spruce up your act."

Don't be discouraged. E-mail marketing does work. But it is certainly a continuing work-in-progress.

Do you have a question about ASA’s online features? Send it to me at Perhaps your question will appear in a future column!

ASA Web Ways: Voice Your Opinion

This month repair shops will have a historic opportunity to participate in a survey. Working with an independent consulting firm, ASA has developed surveys to be completed by active paid shop-members along with former and prospective members. The purpose of these surveys is to help ASA shape its future to deliver what members want and need from their association.

Watch your e-mail for a link to the survey! Please help us keep our promise to keep you going, while you keep them going!

SpendingNet Numbers

Automakers are projected to double their advertising spending by 2012 to $5.61 billion, up from $2.98 billion in 2008.



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