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The Value of Membership

The Benefits of ASA Membership

A primer of ASA benefits
from A to Z
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A Picture of the Service and Repair Industry

How's Your Business

"How's Your Business?" 2009 Survey Results

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Legislative Feature
Senate Banking Committee Chair Offers Proposed Financial Services Reform Legislation Senate Banking Committee Chair Offers Proposed Financial Services Reform Legislation

Bill does not include federal insurer regulator option.

- By Robert L. Redding Jr.

Winning Women Customers
Counting Our Beans in a Bad Economy Counting Our Beans in a Bad Economy

Assess your payables and receivables to make sure you are operating as efficiently as possible.

- By Chris "Chubby" Frederick

Special Feature
'What Would You Do?'

'What Would You Do?'

Every shop owner runs into ‘situations.’ How they handle them is important.

- By T.J. Reilly, AAM

Special Feature
ASRW Wrap-Up

ASRW Wrap-Up

A look at NACE, CARS.

AutoInc. December 2009

Chairman's Message
- By Earl Dohner, AAM
'How's Your Christmas?'

News Briefs
- By Levy Joffrion

Net Worth
- By Angie Kilbourne
Is Your Web site "Lip-Sticking"?

Taking The Hill
- By Clarence Mills

Tech to Tech
- By Craig Van Batenburg, AAM
Serviceability Report: Volvo S40

Tech Tips
- By Tom Vadnais
Chrysler Goes Wireless

Members' Advantage
- By Brie Ragland
Just a Few of the Many Ways ASA Helps Keep You Going!

Shop Profile
- By Levy Joffrion
Ben's Auto Body Earns Fame, Respect, Admiration

Around ASA

Guest Editorial
- By Angie Wilson
Let ASA's PR Kit Help You
Reach More Customers

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