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  Chairman's Message

ASA Can Help You Reach New Heights

Posted 6/1/2008
By Reggie Denney, AAM, Chairman

Reggie DenneyAs your new chairman of the board, let me introduce myself. My name is Reggie Denney, and I operate a mechanical repair shop in Eden, N.C. (population 15,000). We are a family-owned business, which I, along with my wife, Brenda, opened in 1979 after working in a new car dealership since 1962.

One of the first things I did after opening my repair shop was to find a group of businesses like mine. I was invited to attend a local meeting of the Automotive Service Association by a fellow shop owner who I met through the New Car Dealership Service Manager Club. That was exactly what I was looking for, so I joined that night. I used those guys as a “board of directors” when I had important decisions to make. After a few board meetings, I was asked to attend a North Carolina state-level ASA meeting, which I declined at first – but they persisted, so I went along. I felt right at home with these shop owners. They took me in and mentored me.

Soon it was time for elections. I got elected to a local office; then, after a few years, to a state office; then, on to different levels of the national board of directors.

I attended my first national Automotive Service Association meeting in Nashville in 1981. I got hooked on that trip. Since that time, Brenda and I have attended every national meeting except one. Through ASA, we have met and remain friends with numerous people from this great industry of ours – friendships that will last a lifetime.

ASA not only benefits our industry as a whole, it offers a lot of great benefits to its individual shop members. The dues we pay are often easily recovered with the use of only one benefit that you might use (which may include insurance, business forms, uniforms, training, etc). One of the benefits that is not advertised, but highly beneficial, is the networking that can be done with other shop owners. If you are just paying your dues and not becoming involved, you simply are not getting the maximum benefit of membership. I’m speaking from experience: Get involved so that ASA can help you and your business reach new heights.

I look forward to the upcoming year and serving as your chairman.


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