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ASA's Telematics Report Shows Popularity of In-Vehicle Technologies

Posted 7/1/2008
By Karin White

ASA’s Telematics Report Shows Popularity of In-Vehicle TechnologiesWith the Automotive Service Association’s recent release of its 20-page comprehensive report on telematics and how it will affect the independent automotive service and repair segment, the topic of telematics is in the spotlight. From time to time, we will be featuring short excerpts from the comprehensive report designed to educate independent repairers about the nature of telematics today.

In next month’s issue of AutoInc., we will be featuring the telematics report in detail as well as go “behind the scenes” with the Mechanical Division Operations Committee to learn about the enormous task of putting such a report together.

A survey of 500 consumers released by Accenture in April 2006 revealed the following:

• 84 percent wanted in-vehicle technologies including telematics. Other desired choices included stolen-vehicle tracking, remote door unclock and vehicle diagnostics.

• 71 percent indicated they would pay more than $50 for factory installation and be willing to pay a monthly fee.

• 50 percent of respondents indicated they do not currently have the in-vehicle technologies they desire because of the high cost, and 47 percent said the technology was not available when the vehicle was purchased.

To download a PDF version of the 20-page document, visit Click on “ASA News” and then select “More ASA Resources.”

Karin White Stat Corner is written by Karin White, ASA's research and project specialist. She can be reached at (800) 272-7467, ext. 252, or by e-mail at


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