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At the end of 2007, the Energy Independence and Security Act (H.R. 6) moved between the House and the Senate as Congress hoped to arrive at some consensus before the holiday recess.

By Caroline Holland

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Collision feature

Blending Within Panel

Advancements in technology and skill set have also advanced the blend within panel process, which requires repairers to be savvy in addressing time and material concerns with insurance companies.

- By Leona Dalavai Scott

Mechanical feature
Keeping an Eye on PSI: Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, Part 2

Are you prepared to service vehicles with TPMS?

- By Tom Nash

Management feature
Hiring and Recruiting Winners

Knowing the right questions to ask and listening to a candidate's answers are key in hiring.

- By David Rogers

Management feature
How Do You Measure Success?

Measuring success can be tricky. Here are some exercises to help.

- By Deb Van Batenburg

legislative feature
EPA Finalizes Auto Refinishing Regulation

How the new regulation will affect collision shops.

- By Robert L. Redding Jr.


Chairman's Message
- By Aaron Clements, AAM
Be Heard. Here's How...

News Briefs
- By Levy Joffrion

Net Worth
- By Angie Kilbourne
What Are Your Customers Saying?

Tech Tips
- By Arlen Mauland
Chrysler's ESIM Detects Leaks in Evaporative System

Stat Corner
- By Karin White
Size of Populations Where ASA Shops Are Located (Mechanical)

Taking The Hill
- By Caroline Holland

Tech to Tech
- By Brian Manley
Circuit Interruptus

Shop Profile
- By Lisa McReynolds
Strength of Family Keeps Shop Going

Around ASA
- By Stacie Lutz

Guest Editorial
- By Joseph "Joe" Torchiana
Keep The Change

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