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Posted 12/1/2008

By Brie Ragland

ASA Member Benefits
ASA OnDemand

Save Money! Take Advantage of These ASA Member Services

Membership benefits information current through December 2008. Click here to download a full up-to-date list of all ASA membership benefits in .pdf format.

Click here to join ASA now!

To learn more about the value of ASA membership and the association's full benefits package, access the electronics benefit portfolio within ASA OnDemand, which can be downloaded at

Discount on Mitchell 1's OnDemand Repair Software

Mitchell1If you're looking to save on diagnostic and estimating systems, you'll be happy to know that ASA and Mitchell 1 have teamed up to offer a substantial discount on Mitchell 1's OnDemand Repair Software. Mitchell OnDemand software has time-saving technical service bulletins, recalls and technical tips that help technicians expedite the repair process. Also, ASA members can now find answers, share tips and navigate time-saving techniques regarding repairs by using OnDemand Live - an integrated tool to match real-world information with OEM data. To take advantage of these savings, or for more information, call ASA's membership department at (800) 272-7467, ext. 295.

Promoting a Professional Image

CintasA professional image can change first-time customers into loyal, repeat customers. Promoting the ASA affiliation as well as the shop's name displays a professional and reliable partnership your customers will respect and appreciate. Promotional products from Cintas provide a fun and smart way to market to customers. Cintas and ASA have been national partners since 2005, and recently a new Web site for online ordering was unveiled. ASA members receive a 10 percent discount off catalog pricing on all orders when visiting the ASA Online Store at Once you log in with your member number, click on apparel and then the Cintas logo to be taken to the ASA/Cintas store.

Benefit Provider of the Month

Elavon"During these harsh economic times, it is imperative to trust in those you conduct business with. That is why Elavon (formerly Nova Information Systems Inc.) is proud to be a sponsored benefit provider for ASA. Elavon offers a full array of payment processing solutions to help you achieve greater control of your cash flow, minimize your collections risk, and better serve your customers. Along with credit and debit card acceptance, Elavon offers electronic check conversion services and a variety of electronic gift card programs. Our goal is to increase your profitability and offer outstanding customer service to you as an ASA member."
Alicia Umber, Relationship Manager, Elavon

New ASA Benefit Powered by Mitchell 1 Now Available

Key performance indicators accessible 24/7

Mitchell 1 ShopMeterThe Automotive Service Association has announced a new member benefit that places key performance indicator (KPI) data at the fingertips of today's shop owner. Powered by Mitchell 1, ASA's newest Web-based member benefit - ShopMeter - provides national and regional averages on a number of data sets, including average repair order dollars, top 10 repair jobs, average parts sales and the most frequently serviced vehicles.

"ShopMeter will prove to be a 'must have' tool for shops that recognize the importance of measuring and improving their productivity and financial performance," said Ron Pyle, ASA president and chief staff executive.

The ability for ASA members to compare and contrast their shop data to regional and national averages will provide them with an immediate benchmark that can be used to assess their business plans and better determine their future. ShopMeter is an Internet-based utility that displays the data you want in a familiar Web-page format. After you log in to the Members Only section using your six-digit member number, you access ShopMeter through a special link on the Members section home page. From there, you may walk through a tutorial, get more information or view KPI reports.

"Key performance indicators are important to today's shop owner because they are the cornerstone of understanding your business," said Jon Vance, PMP, project manager, Mitchell 1. "Knowing the numbers from your shop, and the shops in your region and state - and using those numbers to compare your business with the national averages - lets you see in an instant where you stand and whether you are beating or bucking the trend. This knowledge helps you target your business toward those jobs that produce the most value."

KPIs are presented by geographic region, by year/make/ model (YMM), or by month-to-month comparisons. Proper use of the data provided in Mitchell 1 ShopMeter allows ASA members to gauge their shop performance against that of their competition, providing a competitive edge over businesses that are not monitoring KPI data.

Designed to help today's shop owners and managers easily access the core data necessary to assess shop volume, sales and maximize profits, this product is free to all ASA regular members in good standing. The ShopMeter version available today is the only one presently available. It is provided as a benefit of ASA membership. There is no charge or fee for this service, and you have unlimited use of the different query selections available in the current ShopMeter utility.

Premium services will be released in the near future on a subscription basis. Subscription-based premium services will offer customized KPI reports, targeted automotive data analysis and full access to the entire data repository. Features of this service will include top five to 50 sorting; broader geographic segmentation; full Y/M/M range look-ups; and service date availability from 1994 to present. Additional KPI services are planned for release in 2009, including repair reference look-ups, broader vehicle classes (including trucks), and analysis by major service categories.

ASA and Mitchell 1 welcome suggestions for improvements, changes, modifications, enhancements, and additions to the KPI selection. We want to know what information is most valuable to you and how we can present it to you better. Please e-mail your suggestions and comments to

To learn more about ASA's newest benefit powered by Mitchell 1, call (800) 272-7467, ext. 295.

Let Your Voice Be Heard in D.C.

Taking The HillASA provides members with full-time representation in the nation's capital. In addition, it offers assistance at the state and local levels on legislative matters. Weekly state legislation and regulatory issues are listed in the Members Only area of the ASA Web site ( Also, focused on a commitment to advance grassroots advocacy campaigns, ASA's Web site,, helps mobilize support or dissent for issues directly impacting the automotive repair industry on both federal and state levels. The Web site serves as a sophisticated grassroots program and reference guide for ASA members and other industry professionals.

Three Easy Steps to Access ASA’s Members Only Section

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Type your six-digit member number into the “Member Login” field on the right side of the ASA home page, and press “Go.” Your six-digit member number can be found on the mailing label of this issue of AutoInc. magazine. The number is printed directly above your name.
Step 3: You will be directed to the Members Only section. Once inside the section, start exploring all of the great membership benefits available to you as an ASA member!


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