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Family Roots Run Deep at C&C Automotive

Posted 7/23/2007

Father, son duo make dynamic, successful team.

The growth of C&C Automotive is impressive. From its humble beginnings in a backyard garage, it has grown to three buildings in downtown Augusta, Ga.
At the Automotive Service Association's Annual Convention in May, Aaron R. Clements, AAM, became the new ASA chairman. Clements, co-owner of C&C Automotive, got his start in automotive service as a result of working with his father, John. John supported his family by working at a tire supply shop in Augusta, Ga. While attending high school, Aaron began assisting his father at work after school and on Saturdays. Aaron and John developed a special relationship through this early experience together. Although the labor was intensive, they quickly realized how much they enjoyed working together.

However, Aaron had a deep desire to travel and a love for aviation as well. After graduating from high school, he joined the Air Force. While Aaron was serving as crew chief for fighter jets and traveling the globe, John opened his own automotive repair business in his backyard with the help of a partner. His wife, Mary, was also instrumental in the early success of their business.

Three generations: Brad, Aaron and John Clements pose in the lobby of C&C Automotive with their classic car.
After four years of service, Aaron arrived home with the intention of working with his father again. At the time, John and his partner were occupying a four-bay shop. However, John's partner had recently decided to sell his portion of the business. Aaron quickly jumped on the opportunity to become a partner in his father's business, and C&C Automotive was born in 1977.

Father and son worked tirelessly to create a successful company. Their hard work began to pay off as their business grew more and more every year. They moved from the four-bay shop to a 10-bay facility and later a 15-bay shop. Eventually, C&C Automotive was able to purchase its current location in downtown Augusta. It consists of three buildings and 33 bays.

C&C Automotive's 33 bays make the loby buzz with activity and customers.
Clements has been an ASA member since 1981. His business is AAA-approved as well as a National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Blue Seal of Excellence facility. Ninety percent of the staff is certified by ASE, and 50 percent are ASE master-certified. A 33-year veteran of the automotive service industry, Clements is an ASE master-certified technician and is a member of the Augusta Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

Clements began his involvement with ASA by serving in various leadership positions with the local ASA-Augusta chapter in the 1990s. He later moved on to serve at the affiliate level and was elected president of ASA-Georgia in 1999 and 2000.

In 2001, Clements earned his Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) designation from the Automotive Management Institute (AMI). He is currently an advisory board member of the Augusta Technical College. Clements donates his time and expertise speaking before different groups on how to care for a vehicle, which includes hosting a Saturday morning radio talk show. The C&C Automotive Show can be heard every Saturday from 8:05 a.m. to 9 a.m. on WGAC/580 News-Talk Radio, Augusta, and 93.1 WGAC-FM, Warrenton, Ga. It can also be heard online at www.wgac.com. Clements has been answering motorists' questions through his radio program for 14 years and currently is on the air with local DJ Mike Montgomery.

The well-decorated waiting area creates a comfortable setting for customers.
In 2000, Clements was awarded the Carl J. Montgomery Memorial Award for professionalism and dedication in the auto repair industry. He was also named the NAPA/ASE Technician of the Year finalist from the Atlanta region each year from 1995 to 2005.

Today, C&C Automotive remains in the family. Not only does Aaron's sister, Velda Coleman, work in the office, but her daughter, Stephanie, and Aaron's oldest daughter, Amanda, also work there. Impressively, John and Mary Clements, both 77, have only semiretired. They still come in to the shop during the week to help out where needed. The other 14 members of the C&C Automotive staff are practically family as well. They include a shop manager, parts manager, one porter, three service advisers and eight technicians. Aaron describes his team as a hard-working bunch, and he believes they represent the best staff C&C Automotive has ever had. As C&C Automotive continues to grow, it can only hope to continue to find great workers to add to its team. As for the future of C&C Automotive, one might want to ask Aaron's 7-year-old son, Brad. He already enjoys working with his father in the shop.

Editor's Note: This article was compiled from information provided by Neva Hollins, ASA-Georgia affiliate executive director; Velda Coleman, Aaron's sister; and an ASA press release.

Shop Stats

Name: C&C Automotive
Locations: Augusta, Ga.
No. of Years in Business: 30
Average Repairs per Week: 95
On the role of member involvement in ASA: “ The ability of members to get involved, make suggestions and actively participate is imperative to the success of ASA. I want you to feel confident about voicing your opinions, knowing that your association will gladly listen to them. You may e-mail your ideas to me at aaron@ccautomotive.com.”

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