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Avoiding a Rush Job
It's easy to rush through the job when your bays are full. But don't compromise being thorough in servicing every vehicle.

By Danny Sanchez

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Special feature

Wage-hour Standards in the Auto Repair Industry

Is your shop running "according to code?" This promer on wage-hour issues will help you decide.

By Brian Farrington

Collision feature

How to Use Estimate Compliance Tools to Your Advantage

Make sure your estimate is right the first time. these tools can help...

- By Rachael J. Mercer

Mechanical feature
Introduction to Alternative Fuels

Technicians need to be educated about alternative fuel sources because the use of alternative fuels is growing.

- By Jim Linder

legislative feature
Is there Room for National Vehicle Emmisions Testing?

Interest in climate change legislation mounts in Congress.

- By Robert L. Redding Jr.


Chairman's Message
- By Aaron Clements, AAM
Thank You

News Briefs
- By Levy Joffrion

Net Worth
- By Colby Horton
Yahoo's Ads Become 'Smart'

Tech Tips
- By Craig Zuidema
What's Causing '97 Acura to 'Hesitate?'

Stat Corner
- By Karin White
What Issues Impact Members?

Taking The Hill
- By Caroline Holland

Tech to Tech
- By Brian Manley
Technician, Tune Thyself

Shop Profile
Missouri Shop Owner Believes Long-Term Plan Essential for Success

Around ASA
- By Stacie Lutz

Guest Editorial
- By Donny Seyfer, AAM
David and the Real Goliath

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