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Posted 9/18/2005
By B.J. Johnson

Reader's Digest Features ASA Member Employee

Winn Michele Winn, shop manager of Linder's Technical Services in Indianapolis, Ind., was featured in the Reader's Digest article, "Making Your Job Work for You." The article appeared in the August 2005 issue. Winn discussed the advantages of working in the automotive repair and service industry.

ASA Names Caspersen Collision Division Manager

Denise Caspersen, research management specialist for the Automotive Service Association since 1997, has been named manager of ASA's Collision Division.

The division manager works directly with the elected division director and is responsible for the communication and activities of the operations committee. Caspersen will coordinate various projects as directed by the committee, and also develop and maintain relationships with other industry groups to strengthen the association and its role in the collision repair industry.

"Speaking on behalf of the operations committee, we're enthusiastic and optimistic about Denise's promotion," said Darrell Amberson, AAM, ASA's Collision Division director. "She steps into this position with a great deal of expertise and understanding of our industry."

Caspersen has nine years' experience in the automotive service and repair sector conducting market analysis of various industry segments, formulating proprietary industry studies and supplying fact-based research on behalf of ASA. She also managed ASA's online Information Center containing an archive of industry information to aid automotive business professionals.

"I am looking forward to working with the highly professional and dedicated members of ASA's Collision Division Operations Committee and participating in actions that advance the collision industry, the association and ASA members," said Caspersen.

Caspersen holds two degrees from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Okla., a master of science degree in mass communications and a bachelor of science degree in zoology.

She can be reached at ASA's national headquarters in Bedford, Texas. Call (800) 272-7467, ext. 236, or reach her via e-mail at

Annual 'How's Your Business?' Survey

The annual "How's Your Business?" survey was mailed in August to 1,500 randomly selected mechanical and collision ASA members. The survey results will be reported in the December issue of AutoInc. The survey enables ASA to track, record and report the state of the independent automotive service industry. All answers remain anonymous.

Thank you to those members who participated in the survey. Your continued support of ASA and the industry is appreciated.

ASA-Texas Gears Up for SRAS

ASA-Texas will hold the Southwest Regional Automotive Show (SRAS) Sept. 23-25 at the Marriott Houston Westchase Hotel in Houston. Registration and event information are available online at For additional information, contact Charles Parker, ASA-Texas executive director, at (512) 495-9769.

In addition to several management and technical sessions, the event will feature a golf tournament, a welcome reception, a silent auction, a shopping trip and an exhibitor appreciation party. During the Saturday luncheon, Denny Kahler, AAM, ASA chairman, will provide attendees an update on the association and the automotive service industry. Affiliate election of officers will also be conducted at the luncheon.


How to Submit Suggestions, Ideas and Issues to ASA

  • ASA is a member-driven organization. It values your opinion, input and participation. If you have suggestions, ideas or issues you would like ASA's national board of directors, division operations committees or Affiliate Assembly to address, please follow these guidelines:
  • National Board of Directors: Contact any member of the national board of directors via telephone, e-mail or postal mail with your input. Your board of directors listing can be found on the ASA Web site, in AutoInc. magazine or ASA OnDemand. You may also contact the ASA Membership Department to request the current contact information for the board.
  • Mechanical and Collision Division Operations Committees: Contact the current division director via telephone, e-mail or postal mail with your input. Division directors hold a seat on the board of directors and their contact information can be found on the ASA Web site, in AutoInc. magazine or ASA OnDemand. You may also contact the national office to speak with the division managers.
  • Affiliate Assembly: Every January there is a "formal" call for issues to be submitted to the national office for the agenda of the Affiliate Assembly meeting held during ASA's annual business meeting. Agenda items to be considered for the Affiliate Assembly meeting should be sent to your affiliate delegate, affiliate executive director or the administrative assistant to the ASA president.

If an issue surfaces after the annual business meeting, the best approach is to provide the information to a board member or the manager of either the Collision or Mechanical Division. All members are also welcome to contact any ASA national staff person at (800) 272-7467 and their comments or suggestions will be directed to the appropriate group.

Reminder of the Month

Registrations for the Congress of Automotive Repair and Service (CARS), the International Autobody Congress and Exposition (NACE) and ASA's Celebration of Excellence are now being accepted.

Visit for CARS registration, for NACE registration and to reserve your seat for the Celebration of Excellence event.

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