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ASA Launches ASA OnDemand Software

Posted 5/11/2005
By Colby Horton

Association and industry information is dynamic and ever changing. The Automotive Service Association understands that to better communicate with our members, the information we provide must be delivered fast, must be current and must always be available. To that end, ASA has created ASA OnDemand. No other automotive association has implemented such a robust product that can be accessed anywhere at any time, without the need for an Internet connection.

ASA OnDemand is a software program that members download onto their computer. Using Web synchronization technology, association information is accessed from the member's computer in an offline setting. This means the information is accessible in the shop, at home, or on an airplane. Updates to the information are provided when the member is connected to the Internet. With the click of a button, the software program is immediately updated, providing the latest association and industry news.

Here's how it works:

ASA members can download the software product free of charge through www.ASAOnDemand.com. A high-speed connection is recommended to download the software. Members with a dial-up Internet connection can still download the software, or call ASA's membership department at (800) 272-7467, ext. 295, and request ASA OnDemand be sent by mail on a compact disc.

Once installed, the information within the software is accessed through an ASA icon that resides on the member's computer desktop.

Membership Directory

ASA OnDemand features a powerful, interactive membership directory that is always up-to-date.
Combining the look and convenience of a print publication, while offering the most current information of the Internet, ASA OnDemand features a powerful, interactive membership directory. Within the directory, members can search for other ASA members, including associate and educational members.

Searching the OnDemand directory is easy. Members can search for other members by shop name, contact name, geographic region or area code. The results are displayed and organized much like a print publication, allowing for a printer-friendly format. ASA's goal was to create a membership directory with the same integrity as a printed directory.

But the functionality of the OnDemand directory is what sets it apart from a printed directory. Not only can you search for fellow ASA members, you can also add a bookmark list of other members, ultimately creating your own custom directory that resides in the OnDemand product. You may also add notes about members and visit their Web sites, all from the search results of the membership directory.

The ASA OnDemand membership directory will become an excellent networking tool for your shop. Not only can you network with other shops in your area, you can recommend other ASA shops for customers traveling across North America. And unlike a printed directory, the OnDemand version is constantly updated, continually adding new members' contact information.

You can also search for ASA associate members through the OnDemand directory. Associate members of ASA are companies that provide goods and services to the automotive repair industry. The associate listings are organized similarly to the regular member listings. In addition, you can find ASA educational members through the OnDemand directory.

Benefits Portfolio

ASA OnDemand features an updated Benefits Portfolio, outlining the 30-plus benefits offered to ASA members.
Upon joining ASA, members previously received a notebook outlining ASA's benefits. By providing this data in an electronic format, ASA's 30-plus benefits are always up to date and always accessible on the member's computer.

The Benefits Portfolio is divided into organized categories ranging from insurance and business aids to estimating and diagnostic products. By clicking on a specific category, users of ASA OnDemand can access the latest benefits information. Unlike the printed version of the portfolio, the OnDemand version offers the latest marketing materials from ASA's benefit providers, no matter how long you've been an ASA member. You no longer have to reference a bulky, outdated notebook to find the information you need.

You can conveniently print any page within the Benefits Portfolio. Because of the technology used to create these pages, your printouts will be crisp and look identical to what is on the screen.

ASA General Information

As the largest not-for-profit trade association of its kind, there's a lot to know about ASA. From ASA's bylaws and legislative objectives, to position statements and fact sheet, the ASA General Info section of OnDemand puts important information about the association at the member's fingertips.

The General Info section also includes ASA's logo guidelines, code of ethics and contact information for ASA's board of directors, operations committees and internal staff.


There are a lot of resources available through ASA that can help members effectively and efficiently run their automotive repair business. The Resources section of ASA OnDemand will become a library of valuable information for the ASA member. Members can learn how to obtain a market profile for their business and read industry statistics available through the association.

Visit ASA Online

For those members who are Internet users, links to important ASA Web sites are available through the OnDemand product. Visit the association's Web site, read back issues of AutoInc., and renew your membership through ASA OnDemand.


ASA is focused on a commitment to advance grassroots advocacy campaigns and to better inform members about legislation that directly impacts the automotive repair industry. Read about important legislative news and click a direct link to ASA's legislative Web site, www.TakingTheHill.com, from this section of ASA OnDemand.

Future Enhancements

ASA OnDemand launches May 5 and will be considered version 1.0. Future versions will be released throughout the year. Internet users can simply click on the "Update" button each time they open the software program to obtain the latest version of ASA OnDemand.

Look for the latest information on ASA events, including electronic versions of the Congress of Automotive Repair and Service (CARS) and International Autobody Congress and Exposition (NACE) brochures when they become available.

ASA is always looking for feedback and suggestions for its OnDemand product. If you have a comment or suggestion, or need technical support, call (800) 272-7467, ext. 234, or e-mail OnDemand@asashop.org.

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