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Posted 10/15/2004
By Colby Horton

Shop Site of the Month

RepairOne - Conroe, Texas, and Port Orange, Fla.

shop site

This site offers a clean look and easy navigation scheme. A comprehensive appointment scheduler makes it convenient for customers to make an appointment online. Testimonials and an online survey give a voice to current customers. And the implementation of an online employment application adds functionality to the site.

Web Wise

Politics on the Internet

The 2004 election season is in full swing. The election is less than one month away, and the Internet is definitely showing a strong presence in the political process. Years ago, informed citizens would turn to a newspaper to learn about presidential candidates and their issues. Then the age of television took over, giving a visual and audible view of the candidates. But now, more political information is streamed over the Internet than either of the previously mentioned media could generate together. And the face of American politics is ultimately changing because of this aspect.

Although the Internet has yet to be charged with conducting elections, it has made the initial voting process easier. For example, registering to vote in the upcoming election is more convenient than in any previous election. Anyone not registered to vote can register online on several different sites. One of those sites is ASA's By clicking on "2004 Elections" and then "Register to Vote," you can register online in a matter of minutes, eliminating the inconvenience of traveling to your local courthouse.

In June 2002, a group set out to mobilize support for certain issues and candidates around the nation. Attending a "Meetup" has become synonymous with grassroots campaign efforts. allows groups to schedule a date in which supporters can gather for the good of a cause, or in many cases, a candidate. Since its inception, more than one million people have registered for monthly Meetups. This feature is so widely used, ASA has implemented "Meetup" dates in its 2004 Elections section of

Above all, the Internet has become a virtual candidate pamphlet for those running for office. No presidential candidate is without a Web site this year. In fact, in small towns across America, candidates are using Web sites to communicate their message to voting constituents. For more information on political candidates, type their name in quotes with the words "official Web site" into any search engine to find the official Web site of the candidate.

Steve Clift with the Democracy Online Project said, "The Internet has become the main strategic communications tool behind the scenes in politics. It is not a medium to sway undecided voters. It is a medium to organize your supporters, feed them your message and get out your core vote." Perhaps in the 2008 election, the Internet will play an even greater role.

Net Numbers

Since its launch in 2002, more than one million people have created "Meetups" on more than 2,600 topics and interests. Meetups are groups of people who live near each other, share an interest and meet regularly.


ASA Web Ways

ASA Provides Information on Absentee Voting

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 2, and if you're planning to attend events held during Industry Week, chances are you may be missing your opportunity to vote in this year's election. To that end, ASA has made it convenient for you to find out about how to vote absentee in your area. Simply go to and click on "2004 Elections." Once you enter your ZIP code, you will be taken to a page specifically created for your area that contains important voter information, including information on voting absentee and local polling areas.

Hot Sites

2004 Elections Web Sites
Gallup Organization:
On The Issues:
Project Vote Smart:
Rock The Vote:
The Voter's Pamphlet:

Colby Horton Net Worth is written by Colby Horton, ASA's electronic communications manager. He can be reached at (800) 272-7467, ext. 234, or by e-mail at

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