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Posted 1/16/2004
By B.J. Johnson

ASA-St. Jo Chapter Holds Successful Car Care Clinic

Pictured are the volunteers of the ASA-St. Jo chapter car care event.
The ASA-St. Joseph chapter of ASA-Mo/Kan held a car care day Oct. 4 in St. Joseph, Mo. The chapter offered two inspection lanes, along with consumer-related informational packets, free coffee and doughnuts.

The inspection lanes were scheduled to open at 9 a.m.; however, due to the large number of consumers awaiting the inspections, the chapter opened at 8 a.m. Volunteers tested batteries, tire tread, tire pressure, headlights, turn signals, brake lights, wiper blades, belts, hoses and fluids. Following the inspections, consumers received an inspection form detailing the findings. The reverse side of the inspection forms contained business card-sized ads of those chapter members and vendors who participated in the event. Chapter volunteers inspected more than 110 vehicles during the four-hour event.

To promote the event, the chapter ran radio spots and newspaper articles.

The St. Jo chapter will hold a Spring Car Care Day April 3 in the same location.

ASA, AMI to Hold Spring Break Seminars

The Automotive Service Association and the Automotive Management Institute (AMI) will hold the Spring Break seminars, a four-day educational event featuring 11 business management seminars designed for automotive repair professionals. Six AMI faculty members will teach the seminars. The event will be held April 29-May 2, 2004, at the Embassy Suites, Palm Springs, Calif.

This special event is the result of students' requests for the opportunity to attend several AMI classes within a two- to four-day time frame. The seminars are part of AMI's accredited curriculum and will earn students credits toward AMI's Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) designation. Students may opt to take seminars on all four days of the event, earning 36 credits; on two days to earn 24 credits; or one and one-half days to earn 18 credits.

The following seminars will be held during AMI's Spring Break event:

  • How to Build an Effective Team in an Automotive Repair Facility
  • Where Has All the Gravy Work Gone?
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Selling Automotive Service ... from the Stomach
  • As an Owner, Start Earning the Income You Want
  • Total Customer Relationship Management
  • How to Get Your Share of the Highly Profitable Fleet Business
  • Managing Dollars with Sense
  • Lip Service - First-Class Telephone Skills
  • Attitude is Infectious

In addition to the seminars, AMI's Spring Break event will feature a Reunion Dinner honoring AAMs and industry leaders.

To register for the Spring Break seminars or for more information, call the seminar reservation office at (650) 340-6315. For full course descriptions, go to

ASA-Colorado Member Wins 2003 BBB Torch Award for Ethics

Pictured, with the BBB Torch Award, are Downing Street Garage owners Rebecca and Douglass Kirchdorfer.
At an awards ceremony in November, Downing Street Garage in Denver was named the winner of the 2003 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics by the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau and its BBB Education Foundation. Owner Douglass Kirchdorfer, AAM, currently serves as the ASA-Colorado affiliate president and has been an ASA member since 1993.

"Downing Street Garage does so many wonderful things well," said Jean Herman, the BBB president and CEO, when presenting the trophy to the company's service manager, Jeremy Platt. "Beginning with owner Doug Kirchdorfer's high ethical vision, this shop delivers a high standard of performance and service to its automotive customers, and a level of community support and volunteerism that is simply unmatched," Herman said.

"Some bureaus make a distinction between the ethical business practices of large and small firms, or give a range of ethics awards across various industry categories. We named just one winner on the premise that strong ethics come in all sizes and industries, and ethical challenges are essentially the same for all business people," said Herman. "To have this year's winner from the automotive repair and service industry is especially exciting."

The Denver/Boulder BBB developed three primary principles to determine the scope of the local competition: exceedingly high standards of behavior toward customers, employees, suppliers and their communities; adherence to truthful and honorable advertising and sales practices; and an earned reputation for noteworthy contributions to their industries and the communities in which they do business.

As the winner of the Torch Award, Downing Street Garage will be submitted to the Colorado Ethics in Business Awards (CEBA) for consideration in its Spring 2004 awards, as well as submitted for the 2004 National Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics sponsored by the Council of Better Business Bureaus in Arlington, Va.

First CARQUEST Auto Refinish Supply Excellence Award Winner Announced

From left to right, Rich Johnson, CARQUEST salesman, with Rhonda and Rick Booth.
Rick Booth of Rick's Auto Body in Missoula, Mont., was named the 2003 CARQUEST Automotive Refinish Supply Excellence Award winner.

Booth has been in the collision repair industry since 1973 and founded Rick's Auto Body in 1979. Rick's Auto Body has been an ASA member since 1988.

In 2003 he moved to a state-of-the-art facility and currently has 21 employees, including seven body techs, six prep techs and three painters.

"We could not be more pleased to have Rick Booth of Rick's Auto Body as our first-ever CARQUEST Automotive Refinish Supply Excellence Award winner," said Kevin Nelson, national PBE sales manager for CARQUEST Automotive Refinish Supply.

The first annual CARQUEST Automotive Refinish Supply Excellence Award program was created to recognize the collision repair business that, through the course of everyday service excellence, exemplifies the professionalism necessary to build public understanding and respect for people working in the industry today.


The 2004 ASA Annual Business Meeting will be held April 15-17 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Antonio. This year's meeting will include the national board meeting, the affiliate assembly and a town hall meeting.

Watch your mail for housing and registration information.

Reminder of the Month

The ASA board of directors elections will be held Jan. 5 to Feb. 29, 2004. The official notification of ASA members seeking board positions appears on page 20.

The candidates are seeking election to one general director position, one position as mechanical division director, and one position as collision division director.

All ASA national regular members in good standing are eligible to vote. All regular national members may cast their vote for the position of ASA general director. The collision and mechanical divisions directors are elected by their respective divisions only. Members were assigned to the appropriate divisions based on information provided by the member when they joined the association.

The voting process is conducted electronically using a toll-free telephone number or by logging onto a secured Web site. To cast your vote, call (800) VOTE-ASA or point your Web browser to and click on the ASA logo.

On either format, ASA national members will vote by entering their member number plus a three-digit security code number. These numbers can be found on the mailing labels of this issue and the December 2003 issue of AutoInc. The member number and security code are directly above the addressees' full name and enclosed by parenthesis ( ). Example: (123456 789).

For more information on the voting process, please contact ASA at (800) 272-7467, ext. 213.

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