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ASA Launches New Legislative Web Site

Posted 4/14/2004
By Colby Horton

In recent years, the Internet has become a dynamic and integral part of the political process on both federal and state levels. Today's grassroot efforts and advocacy campaigns incorporate online strategies to effectively deliver important messages to representatives around the nation.

The Automotive Service Association has continually advocated grassroot efforts on both a local and federal level. As new legislative initiatives are introduced, ASA continues to strive to inform its members of the issues that directly impact the automotive service industry. To that end, ASA has incorporated the latest in online and database management technology to launch its new legislative and grassroots Web site. The new site can be accessed at

As the federal government continues to shift more responsibility to states, it has become apparent that the need to influence local leaders is one of the most important factors in helping ASA's legislative causes. Through this new Internet platform, ASA has empowered its members and supporters to more easily communicate with their state legislatures, statehouses and the federal government.

The front page of the new ASA Legislative Alert Center.
The new Web site has two basic functions. First, ASA has developed a reference tool for anyone interested in automotive legislative efforts. Reports on lien laws, emission and safety inspection programs, shop licensing programs, titling and replacement crash parts laws, and key insurance laws are among the many legislative reports that are now accessible in an online format.

The reference material also includes comprehensive coverage of pending insurer-owned shops legislation, and provides an in-depth history of service information availability. Visitors to the site can also keep track of local, state and federal elections, including candidate bios, voting records, contact information, and upcoming dates of elections and primaries.

The second function of the new Web site serves as a sophisticated grassroots program unmatched in the industry. New features of the Web site will help inform and mobilize support or dissent for issues directly impacting the automotive repair industry on both federal and state levels.

One of the greatest benefits of the new grassroots program is the ability to bridge the communication gap between advocates and their elected officials. ASA has adopted a program that will allow industry members to contact their representatives regarding specific pending legislation and, with the click of a button, send an e-mail to their elected officials. As another option, constituents can also print the correspondences and mail it to their representatives. But the convenience offered with this new program is unsurpassed. By entering the visitor's Zip code, the letter - sent via e-mail or mail - is preprinted with their representative's name and contact information, alleviating research on the part of the user.

ASA has created messages that can be sent directly to a visitor's elected representatives on both federal and state levels.
To make the process even easier, ASA has created messages or talking points for important issues that can be immediately incorporated into the e-mail or letter. The end result is an advocacy program that is convenient and easy to use. This new feature is powered by Capitol Advantage, which has delivered more than 35 million constituent messages since its inception.

In addition, visitors may also sign up for the new ASA Action Network and MegaVote feature. The Action Network notifies subscribers by e-mail when involvement is needed to address an issue in their area. The MegaVote feature allows subscribers to keep track of their senators' and representatives' votes on important legislation each week via e-mail. Both subscriptions are free of charge and can both be accessed through the new Web site.

Visitors to the new site can also receive information on important issues in their particular state and track important legislation. ASA has also incorporated thousands of pages of up-to-date information about visitors' elected officials, including bios, staff listings, photos, voting record, legislation sponsorship and contact information. also features a comprehensive guide to local media, including newspapers, television and radio, with information on how to contact each of them.

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