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  Chairman's Message

New Year's Resolution

Posted 1/14/2003
By Dan Frohlich, Chairman

Dan FrohlichOne of your association's achievements in 2002 was the adoption of a new long-range strategic plan. This plan is a living document that provides direction for the initiatives ASA undertakes on behalf of its members. The plan affirms that first, foremost and always, ASA is a member-driven association. Every initiative we undertake will be for your benefit.

To succeed in this, members must be involved. We need more members willing to raise their hands when the call for volunteers is issued. Too often, members are not even aware of what needs and opportunities exist. They don't know where their contributions are needed. That's not your fault; that's our fault and I want to change that.

Here's Step 1 in making that change: ASA members are needed to serve on the Collision Division Operations Committee and the Mechanical Division Operations Committee. Now you know one area where you can serve - one of the division operations committees, depending on your primary business function.

ASA's two operations committees are, in my opinion, the most important places where you can contribute. The members of these committees are the first team in setting the association's agenda. Who are the members of the committees? ASA shop owners and managers. Folks just like you.

Using service information availability as an example, here's how the committees work: In this case, the mechanical committee identified the need for independent repair professionals to have full and affordable access to manufacturer repair information. Once the committee members identified this need and agreed it was of tremendous importance, they set to work to realize this objective.

Several tactics for securing affordable service information were considered and debated. A few were chosen. Meetings with the manufacturers were held. Legislation was pursued. Ultimately, an agreement was reached in September between ASA and the manufacturers calling for independents to have access to the same diagnostic tools, service information and training that dealer shops receive. That agreement is currently being implemented and service information will be fully available to us within the next few months.

While this is a "tip of the iceberg" look at this issue and how it was resolved, the key point is ASA's Mechanical Division Operations Committee identified this problem and, as a result, a solution was reached.

You have tremendous experiences that can help ASA and the industry. Make it your New Year's resolution to become a more active and involved ASA member.

The call for volunteers to serve on the Collision or Mechanical Division Operations Committees has been issued. Who's willing to serve and improve our industry?

Let me see a show of hands.

Find out how you can serve by calling the ASA Mechanical or Collision Divisions at (800) 272-7467.

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