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  Stat Corner

Annual Training Hours Vary by Region

Posted 12/13/2003
By Denise Caspersen

The "How's Your Business?" survey has tons of information already listed within this month's issue. In addition to breaking some key facts out by annual sales, results of the survey are available by region. States by region are based on the U.S. Census' region formations.

Not all areas of the United States treat technician training the same. According to the 2003 mechanical survey results, businesses in the West spend the most on experienced technician training, $1,537 annually for 37 hours of training ($41.5/hour). The South averages $996 annually for 30 hours of training per experienced technician ($33.2/hour). And the Northeast invests $1,039 for 34 hours ($30.5/hour).

The Midwest holds back a bit, spending $738 annually for 31 hours of training ($23.80/hour). That is quite a bit below the $1,271 overall national average for 34 hours ($37.80/hour).

The survey also encompassed collision repair businesses. The West spends an average of $1,568 for 28 hours of training annually ($56/hour). Businesses in the Northeast spend $1,465 annually for 24 hours ($61/hour). That's the highest rate per hour on training. Southern businesses spend $1,429 annually for 26 hours of training ($55/hour).

The Midwest spends an average of $55 per hour for training and invests $989 annually in 18 hours of training. Nationally, experienced collision technicians receive 24 hours of training costing $1,363 annually ($57/hour).

Stat Corner is written by Denise Caspersen, ASA's research management specialist. She can be reached at (800) 272-7467, ext. 236.

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