FTC Examines Auto Distribution and Warranties

Panelists question why repairs limited to dealers only. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently held a one-day public workshop to explore competition and related issues in the context of state regulation of motor vehicle distribution and to promote more informed analysis of how these regulations affect businesses and consumers. The workshop, titled “Examining the U.S. […]

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The Best of the Best

Unrivaled! Unprecedented! And all under one roof! This year’s NACE | CARS event promises to be the one show you can’t miss. We predict sunny days ahead for the automotive service and collision repair industry. That’s why we strongly recommend that you attend this year’s NACE | CARS Expo & Conference, which is guaranteed to […]

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Gadgets & Gear

Fun and functional high–tech tools that you might not think to buy – but should. Sitting in bed the other night, while it was 14 degrees Fahrenheit out, I wanted to turn the heater up a few degrees. Ten years ago, this would have meant getting out of bed, trudging down the steps and adjusting […]

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Aluminum Foiled?

Use these expert tips to avoid the pitfalls of converting your shop to ‘advanced material’ repairs. Aluminum repair is more a business challenge for collision repairers than a technical one. Aluminum hoods 1have been in use for years, and even shops that years ago geared up to repair more “aluminum-intensive,” high-end vehicles say the material […]

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When Shop Spirits Sag?

What it takes to rebuild your employees’ morale and get everybody working toward the same goals. I was reading an article from the Society For Human Resource Management and came across this statement: “With a daily diet of news about layoffs, foreclosures, bankruptcies, bailouts and cutbacks large and small – from no raises to no […]

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Design of the Times

Now that you’ve done your due diligence and decided on a marketing agency that meets your specific needs, it’s time to design, or redesign, your shop’s website. During an extreme website makeover, one of the most important aspects to consider is the design. Just like when you remodel your home because it needs expansion, renovation […]

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Our Affiliates – May/June 2016

To give our affiliates an opportunity to showcase their activities and promote membership, each quarter in AutoInc. we will be profiling different affiliates.

If you are a prospective member in these affiliated areas, be sure to read up on all of the great opportunities available to you in your backyard.

Remember: You Keep Them Going. We Keep You Going.

AutoInc. magazine, published monthly, is the informational authority for ASA members and the automotive industry nationwide. Its purpose is to enhance the professionalism of these members through management, technical and legislative articles, researched and written with the highest regard for accuracy, quality and integrity.

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