Inside March/April Issue:

A Look at the 115th Congress and the New Administration

What do the changes mean for the auto repair industry? The final U.S. House and Senate races have been called, and President Donald Trump’s new administration is moving forward with thousands of political appointments. There are some 2.8 million federal civilian employees, of which about 4,000 are deemed political jobs. The nominations for those positions […]

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A Volatile Redundancy

Shop owners and automaker reps share concerns over certification’s costs and ROI. But what’s the bottom line? Now that more collision repair shops have experience with automotive manufacturers’ certification programs, it’s common to hear comments of concern from shop owners about their return on investment (ROI). Certification programs got their start more than a dozen […]

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Keeping It Real

Six foolproof ways to protect you and your customers from mishaps caused by counterfeit parts. The word “counterfeit” means a copy or replica of something manufactured with the intent to defraud. If, for example, you bought a Rolex from a guy who stepped out of the shadows and had them up to his elbow for […]

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Woman: The Key to a High ROI

Follow these 10 proven marketing techniques to better communicate your message to female consumers. You’ve heard it before: Women are the majority purchasers and influencers in the automotive industry today. This has been true for more than a decade now, and, according to Forbes magazine, 2015 and 2016 were watershed years in female-focused marketing efforts. […]

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