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We’re very excited to be unveiling AutoInc.’s first-ever Affiliate Section! To give our affiliates an opportunity to showcase their activities and promote membership, each quarter in AutoInc. we will be profiling different affiliates.

If you are a prospective member in these affiliated areas, be sure to read up on all of the great opportunities available to you in your backyard.

Remember: You Keep Them Going. We Keep You Going.

Vehicle Telematics Legislation Takes Center Stage in California

Legislation Is Premature California state Sen. Bill Monning has introduced Senate Bill 994, the Consumer Vehicle Information Choice and Control Act. The California Senate Legislative Counsel describes the legislation as follows: “The bill would require a manufacturer of any new motor vehicle sold or leased in this state on or after Jan. 1, 2016, that […]

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A Central Stillness

Unflappable, steady, predictable, resolute, the calm in the storm. You’ve probably been around some of these people. The ones with a Central Stillness. But probably fewer than all those you’ve met who occupy the Jobs at the Top of their companies. Rather, the archetype for the Job at the Top for many of us is […]

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Advertising: What Works, What Doesn’t?

A longtime shop owner shares his personal experiences and strategies for advertising solutions that work. The advertising landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade. As technology has evolved, a range of new tools has cropped up to help shop owners raise awareness about their services. Staying ahead of these emerging strategies can be a […]

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Federal Legislative Objectives

113th Congress, 2nd Session – January 1-December 31, 2014 I. Monitor Legislation in the 113th Congress A. The Washington, D.C., office will advocate positions before the Congress in support of or in opposition to legislation as directed by the ASA board of directors. B. The Washington, D.C., office will, at the direction of the ASA […]

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